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Cheaters actually do prosper: the Bush AWOL story

Posted by Charles II on April 16, 2012

Via Barry Ritholtz, An article from Joe Hagan of The Texas Monthly reviews the Bush AWOL story and “Rathergate,” in which Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes were driven from their jobs and blacklisted for daring to question whether George W. Bush served honorably in the Air National Guard.

While it won’t settle many controversies, it does definitively show how the right-wing attack machine, willing to tell any lie to protect their candidates, successfully shouted down people who tried to tell the truth about the memos used in Dan Rather’s report:

the man officially credited with inspiring a fusillade of blog attacks was Harry MacDougald, known on message boards as Buckhead, a GOP lawyer in Atlanta who missed the segment but downloaded the Killian documents from the CBS website later that night. He specifically claimed that the memos used proportional spacing and superscripts that didn’t exist on typewriters of the early seventies.\

MacDougald’s arguments about the documents turned out to be inaccurate. He acknowledged as much in an interview with me in 2008. And in a speech given that same year, Mike Missal, a lawyer for the firm that CBS hired to investigate its own report, said, “It’s ironic that the blogs were actually wrong. . . . We actually did find typewriters that did have the superscript, did have proportional spacing. And on the fonts, given that these are copies, it’s really hard to say, but there were some typewriters that looked like they could have some similar fonts there. So the initial concerns didn’t seem as though they would hold up.”

So the memos could have been real. Yes, Mapes and Rather failed to vet them adequately. But if making that kind of mistake were the criterion for who could work in news, how does that compare to FOX News posting an Onion story as a legitimate news story?

Mahabarb, one of the few sane voices at the time, stands vindicated. The Washington Post, which abused its standing to protect Bush, stands indicted. The right-wing simply does not care if the man they put in the White House is a drunk, a liar, and a coward, as long as he doesn’t raise their taxes. They are willing to kill this country for a dollar.


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Argentina Moves To Nationalize Biggest Oil Company

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 16, 2012

In a further act of defiance directed at the Chicago Boys and Shock Doctrinists (and in an AP story that, interestingly enough, I encountered not on any US site but the Guardian’s), we find that Argentina’s president plans to nationalize its biggest oil company:

President Cristina Fernandez on Monday presented a bold plan to nationalize Argentina’s leading oil company YPF by seizing the shares owned by Spain’s Repsol, moving to expand the state’s control over the country’s energy reserves despite fierce criticism abroad.

In a national address, Fernandez said that under the bill sent to congress national and provincial governments would take control of the 51 percent of YPF shares owned by the Spanish company.

Argentina is an oil-producing nation that this year expects to import more than $10 billion worth of gas and natural liquid gas in the face of an energy crisis, according to estimates from the hydrocarbon sector. The president complained that Argentina had a deficit of $3 billion last year as a net importer of gas and petroleum.

The fascists currently running Spain are freaking out and making all sorts of dire threats, but the Argentinians, having shrugged off fascists before, are ignoring them.

And don’t be surprised if you don’t see this on the evening news, because not seeing it is a sign that it will redound greatly to Argentina’s benefit. The US establishment media doesn’t pay much attention to countries that flout the Washington Consensus and thrive as a result.

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