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RPM’s Brodkorb Scorecard So Far: West Metro Business Types 1, Everyone Else 0

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 25, 2012

A few days ago, Spotty over at the Cucking Stool was chuckling away over the prospect of Cal Ludeman’s being hauled into a courtroom to address some, ah, inconsistencies in his public statements on the firing of Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb:

There was a hearing yesterday which began to address the Minnesota Senate’s (or the Republican part of it, anyway) contradictory statements about why Big Cal met Michael Brodkorb in a suburban restaurant and left him face down in the soup course.

“Sigh, we just weren’t up to keeping him on; nothing personal,” said Cal at the time.

Bonking the boss; we canned him,” said Cal’s office later when the unemployment office asked about Brodkorb’s application for unemployment compensation.

You will appreciate the inconsistency between those two explanations.

Yup, I sure do. Heh heh heh.

Can’t wait to see Cal Ludeman placed under oath. He’ll soon wish he’d begged Cummins, the Coopers, the Steinhafels and the other West Metro business types than control the RPM for the $500,000 Brodkorb demanded as a lovely parting gift.

But hey, isn’t Brodkorb, like Sutton, part of the West Metro business types crowd? Being that they were in tight with the Coopers, Michael Wigley and all. So why would the West Metros go out of their way to help Ludeman out here by paying off Brodkorb — especially when a lot of them are still ticked at Brodkorb’s buddy Tony Sutton for flushing the RPM’s finances down the same toilet he sent the Cooper-subsidized Baja Sol’s?

Nope, the only “help” they’re likely to give Ludeman is help out the door. He’s going to be lucky to avoid wearing an orange jumpsuit.


5 Responses to “RPM’s Brodkorb Scorecard So Far: West Metro Business Types 1, Everyone Else 0”

  1. Charles II said

    If he were fired for “bonking the boss,” they should be able to prove that they paid overtime, right?

    This is such a classic tale illustrating thieves falling out that it should be in civics textbooks.

    Oh, that’s right. We don’t teach civics anymore. Too controversial.

    • jo6pac said

      Teach testing only because we don’t want another boomer generation that questioned authority now we.

    • What’s happening here is that while Cal Ludeman is a mean, crabby old man, Brodkorb is an out-and-out shark with no discernible limits to his behavior and a much more vivid imagination (and a few more IQ points) than Ludeman possesses.

  2. Wege said

    I think the best part of this is Brodkorb schooling the ‘pugs on the dark side of hiring sharks. This is the southern Democratic side of the new Republican party: they don’t stand for anything other than attacking the other side while waving the flag (and wishing it had bars instead of stripes).

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