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The Founders’ healthcare mandates

Posted by Charles II on May 2, 2012

I guess they were a bunch of socialists. Eliot Spitzer, Slate (via Avedon) reports on an article in TNR by Einer Elhauge:

In 1790, a Congress including 20 Founders passed a law requiring that ship owners buy medical insurance for their seamen. Washington signed it into law.
In 1792, another law signed by Washington required that all able-bodied men buy a firearm. (So much for the argument that Congress can’t force us to participate in commerce.)
And in 1798, a Congress with five framers passed a law requiring that all seamen buy hospital insurance for themselves. Adams signed this legislation.

Elhauge continues:

Not only did most framers support these federal mandates to buy firearms and health insurance, but there is no evidence that any of the few framers who voted against these mandates ever objected on constitutional grounds. Presumably one would have done so if there was some unstated original understanding that such federal mandates were unconstitutional. Moreover, no one thought these past purchase mandates were problematic enough to challenge legally.

To bad the Solicitor General didn’t make these arguments when it was his turn at bat. But if the Court rejects the Affordable Healthcare Act, we will all know that it is based on the lie that the Founders would never make anyone do anything.

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The sublime to the ridiculous or, how to say sane while doing extremely boring work

Posted by Charles II on May 2, 2012

What I watched today to decompress from actual work (I landed there after a search for an unusual word).

I have almost no idea what they are saying, since it’s apparently in Serbian. Evidently, the animals are shipwrecked in Japan. Not understanding a word, I am positive it’s better for kids than what plays on NICK or the other cartoon networks.

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How Bad Is The GOP? Crazy John McCain’s Now The Voice Of Reason WRT Foreign Policy.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 2, 2012

So President Obama goes to Afghanistan on a long-planned trip to put the finishing touches on the US’ withdrawal plans, and what do most Republicans do?

As Tengrain at Dependable Renegade shows, they pout:

“The special operators who have every right to “spike the football” are too professional to do so. The White House might follow their lead.”

Donald Rumsfeld


“I think what offends people is that instead of recognizing it as a national triumph and having everybody share in it, that the Obama administration has tried to make it look like the president did everything, including fast-roping out of the helicopter and pulling the trigger.”

John Bolton

Meanwhile, John McCain, astonishingly enough, does what a sensible grown-up would do — he praised Obama for his Afghanistan trip and deal:

“I am pleased that the President has traveled to Afghanistan. This is a significant opportunity for him to hear directly from our military commanders and troops on the ground about the significant progress we are making in this fight.

“It is also important because President Obama and President Karzai will announce the U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement, which will define the long-term political, economic, and military commitment between our countries. While I will carefully examine the details of this agreement, I am hopeful that it will send a signal to friends and enemies in the region that the United States is committed to a secure and free Afghanistan.

“I hope the President’s speech tonight will emphasize the degree of our commitment in Afghanistan, rather than the plans for withdrawal. I would urge the President to return from this visit and spend more time speaking directly with the American people about the vital national security interests at stake in Afghanistan and the need for the United States to remain strongly engaged there in the years ahead.”

Now, is it all what I think McCain should have said? No, especially not the last paragraph. Is it designed to push a particular agenda (namely, continuing to stump for an increasingly hated war) that might tie President Obama’s hands were he to follow it? Yup. But McCain, unlike the rest of the GOP, knows that mounting a frontal attack on the foreign policy of the man who did what Bush wouldn’t — get bin Laden — is not exactly a wise move politically. (It’s incredibly crass, for starters.) So instead, he (or whoever wrote this for him) baits the trap with honey and hopes Obama bites on it.

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