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Jay Rockefeller is not entirely useless; CREW request FOX licenses be revoked

Posted by Charles II on May 3, 2012

Added: In the realm of the ridiculous but unrelated, Romney is attacking Cameron for being nice to Obama (a “love-in”!). “Cameron’s performance smacked of a ‘lack of experience” says the tyro from Bain.
Ed Pilkington and Lisa O’Carroll:

Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation, has written to Lord Justice Leveson, who leads the British judicial inquiry into media ethics, asking if he has uncovered any evidence relating questionable practices in the US [by the Murdoch gang].

“I would like to know whether any of the evidence you are reviewing suggests that these unethical and sometimes illegal business practices occurred in the United States or involved US citizens,” Rockefeller writes in a letter released on Wednesday.

This is the first time in years Jay Rockefeller has done something to convince me that he is still alive.

Murdoch, meanwhile, is not exactly repentant. Roy Greenslade, quoting Murdoch’s e-mail to his employees:

I would also like to inform you today that the autonomous Management and Standards Committee, which was established by the company to ensure full cooperation with all investigations, has completed its review of The Times and The Sunday Times, assisted by outside counsel, Linklaters.

We found no evidence of illegal conduct other than a single incident reported months ago, which led to the discipline of the relevant employee.

Further, the Management and Standards Committee has also completed its internal review into The Sun.

Meanwhile, CREW is seeking to get FOX broadcasting licenses lifted. Ed Pilkington and Dominic Rushe:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Crew) has written to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, calling on the regulator to pull the plug on Rupert Murdoch’s lucrative television licences on grounds of character.

Melanie Sloan, Crew’s director, said that the Murdochs had clearly failed the character test that is embedded within US media law as it is within British. “If they are not passing the character standard under British law, it seems to me that they are not going to meet the character standard in America.”


2 Responses to “Jay Rockefeller is not entirely useless; CREW request FOX licenses be revoked”

  1. I’m reminded of how, in the book Second Foundation, the Indbur dynasty is described along these lines: The first Indur was brutal but capable, the second was merely brutal, and the third was neither but merely an excellent bookkeeper born wrong.

    The parallel between the Indbur and Murdoch dynasties isn’t exact — for one thing, I doubt whether any of Rupert Murdoch’s kids knows his or her way around a balance sheet — but I suspect that in one key way, the dynasties will be similar: the Indbur dynasty lasted only three generations.

    • Charles II said

      Now that’s a blast from the past. :-)

      I think it’s a variation on from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.

      Something the Hilton family would have done well to paid mind to.

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