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Pinch the boob or, why police officers who engage in sexual assault during arrests should themselves be jailed

Posted by Charles II on May 4, 2012

(an updated version of an old favorite; lyrics)

David Graeber, Truthout:

A few weeks ago I was with a few companions from Occupy Wall Street in Union Square when an old friend — I’ll call her Eileen — passed through, her hand in a cast.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

“Oh, this?” she held it up. “I was in Liberty Park on the 17th [the Six Month Anniversary of the Occupation]. When the cops were pushing us out the park, one of them yanked at my breast.”

“Again?” someone said.

We had all been hearing stories like this. In fact, there had been continual reports of police officers groping women during the nightly evictions from Union Square itself over the previous two weeks.

“Yeah so I screamed at the guy, I said, ‘you grabbed my boob! what are you, some kind of fucking pervert?’ So they took me behind the lines and broke [one of] my wrists [and injured a second when I reached to pick up my glasses].

The apparently systematic use of sexual assault against women protestors is new. I’m not aware of any reports of police intentionally grabbing women’s breasts before March 17, but on March 17 there were numerous reported cases, and in later nightly evictions from Union Square, the practice became so systematic that at least one woman told me her breasts were grabbed by five different police officers on a single night …it is hard to imagine it is anything but an intentional policy.

…we know that in other countries, such things definitely happen. In Egypt, for example, there was a sudden spate of sexual assaults by security forces against protestors in November and December 2011, and followed a very similar pattern….”

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Excerpts of How to Speak Republican

Posted by Charles II on May 4, 2012

This is a Jimmy Kimmel schtick (no link) written by Jonathan Bines, although it may also constitute entries in the next Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Capitalism: A system of economic organization that has never been attempted.

Christmas: A holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, now rarely celebrated due to persecution by atheists.

Compromise: (uncommon) A form of political suicide.

Communism: The belief that the government should ever do anything.

Constitution (U.S.): The hallowed founding document of the United States, the text of which must be interpreted strictly and amended immediately.

Corporations: Large people who are overtaxed.

Extremist (Liberal): Espousing or adhering to political beliefs that are held by only a majority of Americans.

Fact: Information that has been verifiably posted to a Red State comment board.

Jesus: Charismatic religious leader and son of God; born in Bethlehem in the year 0; beliefs include love, charity, enhanced interrogation, privatized healthcare, elimination of the estate tax, and the right to carry concealed semiautomatic weapons.

Marxism: A political and economic philosophy developed by Karl Marx and promulgated by Paul Krugman.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on May 4, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

Friday Cat Blogging

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