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It’s all just a misunderstanding!

Posted by Charles II on May 10, 2012

Nick Wing, HuffPo:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is lending his name and political clout to a gun group’s email campaign that features an image of a rifle pointed at the head of President Barack Obama.

And if Rand Paul weren’t such a lying, flaming idiot the the other 364 days, we’d be sure that it was just a mistake.

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Occupy Wall Street? Maybe We Should Desert It Instead

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 10, 2012

All the Kool Kidz are doing so:

I think the big problem is that those in the top decile of wealth aren’t investing. Their mean net worth was $1,569,000 in 2009, and if they let their money ride in the market, they are even richer. Even without additional savings, portfolios with low exposure to the financial sector are back where they were before the Great Crash. They have the money that would make a difference.

A substantial part of this group has figured out that the stock market sucks. They have a lot of money, and a lot of connections, and they can read. They see that big corporations are operated for the benefit of their biggest shareholders and top management. They see that Wall Street is out to screw them into the ground and take their last dollar. They hate Wall Street and its un-indicted criminal population. They are convinced that Congress loves Wall Street and responds to their tiniest hurt feelings, ignoring the rest of us. So do the SEC and the Department of Justice, which won’t even investigate the causes of the Great Crash.

They know that high frequency traders are sucking all the profits out of the market. They know, some from personal experience, that the CPAs who audit giant corporations sold their principles years ago.

So if they won’t let us occupy Wall Street, maybe we should take away from them what they really cherish — namely, our money — and see how they like those apples.

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