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It’s all just a misunderstanding!

Posted by Charles II on May 10, 2012

Nick Wing, HuffPo:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is lending his name and political clout to a gun group’s email campaign that features an image of a rifle pointed at the head of President Barack Obama.

And if Rand Paul weren’t such a lying, flaming idiot the the other 364 days, we’d be sure that it was just a mistake.


4 Responses to “It’s all just a misunderstanding!”

  1. supergee said

    I see a rifle hanging on the wall behind them.

    • Charles II said

      Then your eyes have not failed you, Supergee.

      It’s not a huge deal (which is why the post is so short). It’s just more Republican tackiness in ginning up fears about Democrats as “gun grabbers” and using questionable imagery for their advertising. They know that sometime, somewhere, some kook like Loughner will act on the implied message. They know that many Democrats are scared because their offices have been attacked and one congresswoman has been shot. The right thinks that physically intimidating their opposition is a proper way to get their way.

      It is: in a mafia state.

  2. MarkH said

    Sometimes I think Republicans just bring up stupid issues they know are divisive and might help them win voters, but that may be my imagination. After all, this instance is only backed by the recent suggestion by a Republican in Missouri that a senator of their should be killed. Naturally it’s stupid and bad, but Republicans aren’t beneath being stupid and bad in the name of winning. It’s just that you would think the voters would eventually turn against them for being stupid and bad. When will that happen?

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