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US military accused of killing two pregnant women, two children, and two men/updated

Posted by Charles II on May 15, 2012

Via Quotha, Defensores en Linea says that in Ahuás in the indigenous Miskito region of Honduras:

…the nighttime operation launched against supposed narcotrafficking targets in the dawn of the previous Friday was conducted by US military uniformed as DEA agents.

…a foreign military taking refuge in the new hegemonic notion of “the anti-drug war,” legalized in reforms to the Military Treaty of 1954, violates the national sovereignty and kills civilians as if they were in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or Syria.

Two pregnant women, two children, and two adult men died by shots fired from helicopter gunships piloted by US military over a vessel which was returning from the (estuary?) of the Patuca river to its community. They were workers in the traditional industry of diving

..the failed state of Honduras gave way to the foreign military occupation in the guise of the so-called “war against d[r]rug cartels, as happened in the last eight years in Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala.

The general point that the dead were not drug traffickers is confirmed (again via Adrienne) by Tiempo, although Tiempo says four dead, four wounded. Supposedly a boat containing drug traffickers was fleeing from a helicopter and passed the boat of native divers. The narcos had their lights out, the divers had their lights on, so the gunners went for the visible target.

It just isn’t very important to be sure who you’re shooting at, because either they’re bad guys or they’re people whose deaths won’t be noticed.
Update, from Adrienne, hat tip to Brother John in comments. Martha Mendoza, AP:

U.S. government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because their statements had not been authorized, said Honduran law enforcement did not initiate the shooting, but rather returned fire after being attacked. The officials said the DEA agents did not fire

Because of course, pregnant women and children are so very dangerous. AP, via CBS News:

Angry inhabitants of the largely Indian Mosquito coast region burned down several government offices in the area in response to the attack and issued a statement saying they wanted DEA agents out of the area.

The official didn’t say how many helicopters were on the mission, but said the aircraft were piloted by Guatemalan military officers and outside contractor pilots.

Great. So Xe (aka Blackwater) is involved.

And WOLA is concerned about when the military “interfaces” with the civilian population. Most of us call it “shooting.” The people at WOLA are a parody of a human rights organization.

7 Responses to “US military accused of killing two pregnant women, two children, and two men/updated”

  1. Not that the DEA/DOD troops cared about anything other than the chance to get their gun on and kill people for whatever reason.

  2. This is a sad, tragic, or – better – sinful effect of the US expansion of its military presence here in Honduras. Just days before this event press reports were applauding the forward bases of the DEA in the Moskitia. The DOD is now helping the Honduran government set up radar in the area. I’m far away but I cannot help but feel that the US is again stepping/rushing in and bringing harm and death to the innocent.
    “We’re waste deep in the big muddy and the big fool says to move on!)

    • Charles II said

      John says, “We’re waste deep in the big muddy and the big fool says to move on!”

      I think you’ve improved upon Seeger’s lyric.

      I try to keep in mind that we don’t know all the details. But I can’t shake the suspicion that if the drug boat had been fleeing up Katama Bay (Martha’s Vineyard), those on the helicopter gunship would not have fired so casually.

  3. MarkH said

    What are the drug coming from/through that area?

  4. And now unnamed sources are claiming that those on the helicopter were only returning fire! This sounds like the same old story that I’d heard on El Salvador. Remember the nuns who were running roadblocks?, according to Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Sad.

    • Charles II said

      Well, you know from personal experience how vicious those little kids are when wielding Kalashnikovs. Especially when they haven’t yet been born.

      Insanity. How can such blood be expunged?

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