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Bradlee Dean Gets A Taste Of His Own YouTube Medicine

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 17, 2012

Rabidly homophobic nutbar preacher Bradley Dean Smith, aka “Bradlee Dean” to his followers, is known for filing bogus copyright-infringement claims against anyone who reposts all or part of his YouTubes and other recordings.

Well, now he’s just got a taste of his own medicine, the spoiled brat whiner (hat tip to Ken Avidor):

Preacher and Hard Rock Drummer Bradlee Dean recently created a video (Wed. May 16th, 2012 at around 11:25 AM) to accompany his weekly column published by WorldNet Daily and other news outlets. The video contains offensive facts about the HATE that is promoted by the radical homosexual agenda in Canada toward people of faith, those who hold to traditional marriage, and the law that exposes this deviant behavior. The video also details a solemn warning to American’s to get vocal on the issue or prepare for the cultural overhaul we see in Canada. The video was shut down by YouTube (see email below) within 2 hours of being uploaded after it was flagged by a discriminatory individual for “hate speech”.

Awww, poooor babeeee!

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Spy v. spy, General v. general, Clown v. clown: the drug war

Posted by Charles II on May 17, 2012

Reuters, via Grauniad:

Investigators are questioning Mexico’s former deputy defence minister and a top army general for suspected links to organised crime, in the highest level scandal to hit the military in the five-year-old drug war.

Mexican soldiers on Tuesday detained retired general Tomás Angeles Dauahare and general Roberto Dawe González and turned them over to the country’s organised crime unit, military and government officials said.

Angeles Dauahare was number 2 in the armed forces under President Felipe Calderón and helped lead the government’s crackdown on drug cartels…

Dawe González, still an active duty general, led an elite army unit in the western state of Colima ….

Supposedly the generals picked up drug trafficking as a post-retirement hobby. This is, to my mind, far-fetched. The reason the drug war is failing is because people at the top, in both Mexico and the US, want it to fail.

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