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Go sit in The Corner

Posted by Charles II on May 18, 2012

Here’s the headline:


But wait! Alex Pareene of Salon actually looked at the publication date!

The National Review says Elizabeth Warren is guilty of the gravest crime a writer can commit: Plagiarism. Katrina Trinko compares passages from “All Your Worth: The Ultimate Money Lifetime Plan,” Warren’s book with her daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, with passages from “Getting on the Money Track,” a book by Rob Black. The passages line up perfectly. The wording and even the punctuation are identical. It’s plagiarism all right. Except it looks very much like Warren is actually the victim.

The National Review headline says “Plagiarism in Elizabeth Warren’s 2006 book.” The body refers to Warren publishing the book “in 2006″ and Black’s book coming out in 2005. That’s true! Except that in 2006 the paperback of Warren’s book was published. The hardcover came out in March of 2005. Black’s book seems to have come out, if Amazon is correct, October 14 2005.

If that plagiarism had been for real, it would have cost Warren not just a chance to run for Senate, but her career. National Review Online are a bunch of dunces who should just go sit in a corner.

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  1. MEC said

    It’s enough to have accused Elizabeth Warren of plagiarism. Although the story has been retracted, The Usual Suspects can now cite the accusation over and over while the retraction is ignored.

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