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Mary Kiffmeyer: Lies And Fuzzy Handcuffs Good, Purple Heart Winners Bad

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 19, 2012

When last we saw Mary Kiffmeyer, the fastidious moral scold of voter suppression and “Jesus at the Closing Table” infamy, she and her fellow voter suppressors over at Minnesota Majority were embracing the rather sleazy figure of James O’Keefe.

Not content with showing her true colors in this fashion, she now has decided that viciously and stupidly attacking a veteran who left a large part of himself overseas in the course of serving his country is somehow the right thing to do:

People sometimes say politics is war, but retiring Rep. John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove, could tell you from experience that the two are very different.

Kriesel, 30, lost both of his legs in Iraq in 2006. He was later awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star. So it’s no surprise he was pissed off when Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, R-Big Lake, sent him an e-mail saying he has “no courage.”

Sure, warfare and politics are two different contexts, but could Kiffmeyer have possibly chosen more inappropriate words to make her point?

The flashpoint of this was apparently Kriesel’s backing of the Vikings stadium bill, though Kiffmeyer seems to have disliked Kriesel for a very long time.

This is beyond partisanship, folks. Like Kiffmeyer, I too opposed the stadium bill, but never in a million years would I have attacked a supporter of it in this way.

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