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Cory Booker to GOP: Get offa my lawn

Posted by Charles II on May 21, 2012

This is one of those feeding frenzies of the irrelevant that guarantees I won’t be watching network TV for the foreseeable future–life is too short–but Cory Booker did a good enough job of defending himself on Rachel that it’s worth seeing if only to see a Democrat fighting back.

This is also one of those moments that explains, though does not justify, the attempts of Democratic operatives to beat the rank and file into line. You simply do not give the GOP the slightest room to twist, lie, and distort.


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@geotie2323 On Twitter, AKA George Tierney of Greenville, SC, Does Not Understand The Internet

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 21, 2012

@geotie2323 on Twitter, aka George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina, is a conservative Twitter user who seems to have issues with the proper use of the internet — which (sarcasm on) is astonishing, because dear old ALEC cabin boy John Hinderaker says that conservatives are better at the ‘net than liberals, and Hinderaker could never be wrong or lie, right? (sarcasm off)

Yet the estimable TBogg has been assiduously documenting George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina’s problems with both Foot-in-Mouth Disease and his desire to rewrite reality; the latest installment is right here. Just go read it in all its glory.

Truly, @geotie2323 on Twitter, aka George Tierney of Greenville, SC, does not understand how the internet works, and is a hypocritical douchebag, a coward who can’t take a tenth of what he likes to dish out, and a silly twit who never learned the lesson “don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass ain’t prepared to cash”.

And that is all.
Charles butting in here. I want to preserve a token of the late (from the Twitterverse) geotie2323 for posterity. Fortunately Betty Cracker has done that for us:

He will be remembered as such a sweet and gentle soul, torn too soon from our loving breasts.

Or is he resurrected? His tweets are now visible. Perhaps we won’t have to mourn his passing after all.

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And where she stops, nobody knows

Posted by Charles II on May 21, 2012

Odds look like a short term bounce for the market, with the market wildly “oversold” (translation: it usually doesn’t fall this quickly, but of course it would if people were scared) Asia green in most places at this hour (Asia often seems to lead movements in the US markets). Technicals (which are, of course, nonsense) suggest support in the 1280/1300 region. If a reversal occurs here, this would represent just a bare correction. Stronger support at 1140. VIX is at 25, up from 15 a month ago. It hit 43 last summer.

In the real news, the main concerns are for China having a hard landing. They are deferring or simply breaking contracts for coal and copper. Calculated Risk thinks (as of February, reiterated recently) that the news on US housing is likely to be good and Bondad’s co-blogger NDD says US indicators are generally cheery. The reality of how messy a Greek exit would be is sinking in, with elections a month off. Maybe even Merkel will get a clue one of these days, though the Chinese are giving her a run for the money in general cluelessness.

If you are asking me where things are going, I haven’t a clue. Somewhere between zero and a million, for sure.

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