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“Agenda 21”: GOP’s Ongoing Demagoguing Of UN, Green Issues Draws Some Belated Attention

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 24, 2012

Minnpost’s Marlys Harris, whose CV includes such stunning pieces of hard-hitting journalism as “How to Marry a Billionaire” and “Millionaires-in-Chief”, must have thought she had the scoop of the year when she was lit-dropped on the way to the loo:

Turns out, some people don’t see sustainability as a good thing. To them it is an evil conspiracy whose tenets are embodied in a 20-year-old United Nations resolution ominously called Agenda 21. I only learned about it last weekend at the state GOP convention in St. Cloud when a man in a dark blue sports jacket thrust a paper about it into my hands as I was entering the powder room and rudely suggested I read it on the potty.


The pamphlet may be the first shot across the bow in Minnesota on behalf of a movement sweeping the country. Anti-Agenda 21 and anti- sustainability, it has its roots in the Tea Party and other libertarian groups who oppose any kind of smart growth, urban planning, density, mass transit and environmental regulation.

“First shot”? No, just the first one that Ms. Harris happened to notice. As Sally Jo Sorensen points out:

Sadly no. This isn’t the first shot by nearly a decade.

Allen Quist, who led the balloting at the end of the epic 23-round Thrilla in Vanilla at the Republican CD1 convention at the historic Kato Ballroom, lately has been touring Minnesota’s Tea Party circuit for months, warning about the terrors of Agenda 21, as well as lecturing about it from the bully pulpit of his congressional campaign website, after being one of the founding fathers of the Blue Helmet Fear Club, Agenda 21 Chapter.

Warnings about Agenda 21 have been standard fare among Minnesota’s Tea Party gatherings, have been for months.

And then Ms. Sorensen goes on to list a whole bunch of efforts over the past year by various Tea Party Republicans, particularly Allen Quist, to demagogue Agenda 21. (Furthermore, just to show that crazed, fact-challenged balderdash about Agenda 21 isn’t just the purview of Allen Quist and his sizeable following, Sorensen does a followup post to point out that Mike Parry, Quist’s GOP primary opponent for the right to lose to Tim Walz this November, is a co-author of a bill introduced in February to demagogue Agenda 21.)

Once again, Sally Jo Sorensen shows herself to be the hardest working journalist in Minnesota. She also happens to be a journalist whose stories and scoops are often lifted without credit by many establishment media outfits.

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Echidne writes

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2012

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She also has a post on education with this elegantly simple explanation:

The basic problems in the US education system are income inequality, residential segregation and the local funding of education. When those are put together we end up with an unequal system, one where the districts that really need more resources than any other districts in fact end up with fewer resources. Then the schools in the poor areas (where the students have many more problems) will fail and the solution is to punish the schools and the teachers.

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Marcy on da teebee

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2012

Marcy Wheeler appeared(*) on DemocracyNow to discuss John Brennan, drones, and the complete unlawfulness of the whole mess. I hadn’t realized that Brennan had worked as a contractor. Maybe we should just subcontract the whole effing government to Halliburton and Xe/Blackwater (Added: thanks to Jo6Pac. Blackwater/Xe is now known as Academi).

“Investigative blogger.” That’s an honorable title.
* DN is TV as well as radio for those who are more familiar with hearing Amy as a disembodied voice.

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Breaking Mr. George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina Flash Update

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2012

I know it’s a sin to laugh at mental illness, and this will be old news to people who were paying attention for the last couple of days, but George Tierney (of Greenville South Carolina) has granted an interview to Brian White of GlossyNews:

George Tierney – Do you realize there are cures for cancer out there and I found nine of them. I went to the Oncologist… – I saw that tweet. It didn’t make sense out of context.

George Tierney – I found nine cures for cancer and my oncologist told me, he said, there’s not a cure for cancer yet. Really? That’s why four guys that found cures for cancer ended up with arsenic death. [Andrew] Breitbart was getting ready to explode Obama and he ended up with arsenic death? The guy that last saw Breitbart ended up with arsenic death? [Coroner: Breitbart Died of Heart Failure] – What do you make of that?
George Tierney – Obama’s frickin killing these people. – Obama is killing these people?
George Tierney – Yes he is. – That’s awfully specific. Is it because they’re political enemies?

George Tierney – No it’s because the, here’s the thing, the guy that got killed for the cancer got killed years ago, Obama had nothing to do with that. But Breitbart and his guy got killed by Obama. I’ll go down on radio, tv or whatever and and and say that because the reason is is is those tapes come out, Obama goes down. And they’re coming out anyway…

My one regret about this interview. George Tierney declared that Bush stole Florida. Now, no one will believe it.

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Dana Frank on Honduras–and the rising crisis in America

Posted by Charles II on May 24, 2012

Adrienne posted an important article by Dana Frank which appeared in The Nation. This tells us the very most important thing to understand not just about Honduras, but much more broadly. The conflict is not between left and right. It is at root a conflict between the forces that make human societies stable and decent places to live and criminals whose only goal is to loot those societies for their personal gain:

Drug trafficking is now embedded in the state itself—from the cop in the neighborhood all the way up to the very top of the government, according to high-level sources. Prominent critics and even government officials, including Marlon Pascua, the defense minister, talk of “narco-judges” who block prosecutions and “narco-congressmen” who run cartels. Alfredo Landaverde, a former congressman and police commissioner in charge of drug investigations, declared that one out of every ten members of Congress is a drug trafficker and that he had evidence proving “major national and political figures” were involved in drug trafficking. He was assassinated on December 7.

Far more than criminal gangs in the streets and drug traffickers acting independently, it is the Honduran state itself that has made Honduras, according to the Associated Press, “among the most dangerous places on earth.”

And the Honduran state operates only by the grace of the US government.

I do not believe that the US government–from the Pentagon to DoJ to the State Department to the White House–has failed to understand that its policies are enabling the rise of criminal empires. Not when Wikileaked documents show the US embassy knew that Miguel Facusse was engaged in narcotrafficking.
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