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In Case You Weren’t Totally Sure That ALEC, FOX, And The GOP Aren’t Best Buds…

Posted by Phoenix Woman on May 28, 2012

Sally Jo Sorensen once again does the establishment press one better in a story that will be found nowhere else — especially now, as I’ve made a point of making sure that her name is indelibly linked to it — by deeply tracing the ALEC connections of a prominent MNGOP officer and NewsCorp bigwig:

In Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Is an ALEC Member, PR Watch’s Rebekah Wilce reports that News Corps’ Senior Vice President, Bill Guidera,  “attended ALEC’s April 2010 Spring Task Force Summit in St. Louis, Missouri, as a member of what was then called the Telecommunications and Information Technology Task Force.”

The presence of Guidera at the 2010 meeting creates a “discrepancy” between ALEC statements that News Corp., which owns Fox News Network, joined the corporate front group in 2012, Wilce reports.

As long time ALEC watchers, Bluestem can walk the Guidera-ALEC association back to 2007. In ALEC’s Regional Field Teams: Connecting with Members Face-to-Face, on page 2 of the December 2007 “Inside ALEC” newsletter, there’s this:

“At times a bill is seen as the easy solution to a tough problem, yet that bill may create even more problems. Todd (Kruse) and his team cut through the puffery to reach the core issues with clear, conservative policy solutions,” said Bill Guidera of News Corp, an ALEC member based in Minnesota.

Go read the whole thing. It’s definitely worth your time.


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