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My money’s on the nuns

Posted by Charles II on June 3, 2012

(or, as Brother John reminds us, on the sisters)

David Gibson, Religious News Service at HuffPo:

Leaders representing most of the nation’s 57,000 Catholic nuns on Friday (June 1) answered a Vatican crackdown on their group by charging that Rome’s criticisms of the sisters were “unsubstantiated,” caused “scandal and pain” and “greater polarization” in the church.

In an interview Friday with the National Catholic Reporter, LCWR president Sr. Pat Farrell, a member of the Sisters of St. Francis in Dubuque, Iowa said that in raising doctrinal and theological issues the nuns in her organization have also been reflecting a wider conversation among Catholics in the church — and one that often finds no other outlet in officialdom.

“The insinuation that I think many people could draw from reading that Vatican document is that if we raise those questions, we’re unfaithful to the church,”

The LCWR nuns have no formal church authority and few options in opposing Rome, but some Vatican watchers believe the pushback by the nuns and the groundswell of support from the pews — combined with a Vatican that is reeling with its own problems — could raise the odds of a rapprochement that might defuse the tensions.

There is recent precedent for such an outcome. A wide-ranging investigation of all American nuns, launched in 2009 by a different Vatican agency, was also seen as a heavy-handed maneuver and prompted widespread resistance. That led the Vatican to recalibrate its approach and focus on dialogue with the nuns rather than top-down scrutiny.

As far as I can see, this is McCarthyism from the Vatican. The LCWR has been staunch and steady in the face of it, and I predict they’ll force the Vatican to back down. Apologize? Well, maybe in 500 years or so.

5 Responses to “My money’s on the nuns”

  1. Go get ’em, sisters!

  2. jo6pac said

    They should leave the main church if they have the money because they help people unlike the dark side that hurts people

    • Charles II said

      That would be a pretty major step. They might lose their tax exempt status, for example.

      But the should do what is right, which is to refuse to be victims of this McCarthyism.

  3. Looks like the Vatican never learns. Another sister brought up to the Inquisition – sorry, the Congregation for the Defence of the Faith:

    • Charles II said

      Thanks for the link, Brother John.

      To refute her, they read back the catechism, a document that I would bet she’d glanced at previously.

      They really have overstepped by demanding that she may not hold and state publicly a view that contradicts that of the Church. We hold what views we hold. If we may not hold them, then we lie. If we may not state them, then we are not free.

      So, yes, referring to the Inquisition seems very apt.

      ::sigh:: We so much need a functional Church.

      On the good side, a commenter at the link you provided reports that Farley’s book rank at Amazon spiked. It’s now at #74 in all books, and #10 in religion and spirituality. Maybe readers figured it would have naughty bits.

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