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Governor Mahlon Mitchell? It Could Happen.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 5, 2012

As Charles noted yesterday, Scott Walker, should he actually survive today’s recall, is not exactly out of the woods — he has looming legal threats that could soon force him out of office regardless of the tens of millions spent by his billionaire pals like Ms. Diane “I paid no taxes, neener neener” Hendricks.

Let’s presume he leaps out of the recall frying pan, only to land in the indictment fire. Who replaces him? His lieutenant governor, the supremely wingnutty Rebecca Kleefisch — unless, that is, she doesn’t survive her own recall election.

That’s right, folks — She’s facing a recall vote, too. Her Democratic challenger? Firefighter Mahlon Mitchell, president of the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin.

If by some chance Walker survives the recall election but Kleefisch doesn’t, Walker could be faced with the prospect of not just a Democratic-controlled Senate, but a Democratic lieutenant governor as well. And if in this case Walker winds up resigning his post, we’ll be looking at Governor Mahlon Mitchell.

One Response to “Governor Mahlon Mitchell? It Could Happen.”

  1. jo6pac said

    Thanks for the good news my hope is scott loses then on to an orange jumper by next month and the wingnut is sent home. Fingers crossed. I would like to thank dnc/dccc for sending all that mone and helping out:(

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