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Will Wisconsin Republicans Pay Up To Delay The Inevitable Democratic State Senate Takeover?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 6, 2012

Van Wanggard is doing a silly stalling tactic to keep from admitting he lost or from choosing to pay for a recount he will very likely lose:

State Senate Republican Van Wanggaard had not conceded defeat as of late Wednesday morning.

Unofficial vote totals show that Wanggaard lost to the senator he defeated in 2010, Democrat John Lehman, by 779 votes with almost 72,000 cast.

The margin was around 1.1 percent – which means Wangaard’s campaign would have to pay for a recount if it wants one. Taxpayers only fund a recount when the margin is one-half-of-one-percent or less.

So the question is: Will the Wisconsin Republicans, having siphoned a big chunk of money (at the very least $40 million worth) from their national mother ship as well as from various billionaire donors to keep Walker in power, go to them one more time to pay for a recount that won’t change the end result?

They have until June 20 to decide, so they’d better hurry up if they’re going to pony up some more wasted money.


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