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Chicago Tribune “Too Broke” To Keep Reporters, But Not To Keep Fatcats’ Bonuses – Or Harass Occupied Chicago Tribune

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 11, 2012

The ChiTrib allegedly doesn’t have money to keep its reporters, but God help anyone who touches their top execs’ sacred bonuses — or dares to satirize the ChiTrib, as the Occupied Chicago Tribune does.

Kevin Gosztola has the deets:

For Nick Burt, a journalist who helped start the [Occupied Chicago Tribune]newspaper, this action isn’t entirely surprising. The [Chicago Tribune’s parent] company has been in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings since September of 2008. It has laid off hundreds of members of its news rooms “claiming there is not enough money to pay for the work they sell.” Somehow the company can find the money for a lawyer and file a claim with the WIPO that cost $1500. This is “how they operate as a paper of the 1%”

Miles Kampf-Lassin, a journalist who has also been involved in the newspaper from the beginning, notes the Tribune has gone to court to fight to give millions of dollars in bonuses to four hundred people in top management positions, even as the company is in bankruptcy proceedings. They truly represent a model of news that values profit over public service.

The Occupied Chicago Tribune was started to challenge this kind of news operation. It was launched to “criticize the role of corporate media.” Inspired by the Occupied Wall Street Journal published by the Occupy Wall Street group in New York, Lassin says, “One of the things we kind of saw as the most salient and engaging part of the argument that the Occupy movement made is this critique of corporate power in our society and in everyday facets of our lives. And we thought that the media is a very important part of that.”

The thing for us to do is to spread the word and ridicule the silly persons controlling the Chicago Tribune:

“The ChiTrib says it’s too broke to pay its reporters, but it’s not too broke to pay lawyers to protect the bigwigs’ sacred bonuses — or to harass people whose right to satirize the pompous dorks running the ChiTrib is protected under law.”

4 Responses to “Chicago Tribune “Too Broke” To Keep Reporters, But Not To Keep Fatcats’ Bonuses – Or Harass Occupied Chicago Tribune”

  1. Wege said

    I guess I’m really not sure why there hasn’t been aggressive picketing and PR efforts to shame these executives. If they had to skulk in and out of the building like thieves in the night, I think other fat cats would take note.

    • Charles II said

      Have you followed what Rahm had his blue-coated ambassadors of peace do to the NATO protesters, Wege? You want to protest in Chicago, you better have a spare set of teeth.

      • Wege said

        I hope you’re not implying that cities with major stock/commodity exchanges are controlled by corporate/bankster interests that use the police as their own private security goons?

        Because that would be sad. Accurate, but sad.

      • Charles II said

        I thought I was saying that our job-creating financial servants of Darwin have engaged the services of blue-clad ambassadors of peace who greatly enjoy their employment and work vigorously at it.

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