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The West Metro 1% Sends Gilmore And Pals To Battle The Ron Paul Uprising:

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 13, 2012

One of these days I’m going to get off my ass and update the Field Guide to Minnesota Republican Factionalism, because there’s a new faction that’s poised to grab all the Republican Party of Minnesota’s marbles, just as its sister factions have in other states.

I speak, of course, of the Ron Paul Uprising, which is set to challenge the Republican Party of Minnesota’s ruling faction, the West Metro One Percent (aka the Sutton-Brodkorb-Cooper faction), for dominance of the Minnesota GOP.

Already, the Paulites have managed to get one of their own, Kurt Bills, in place as the RPM-endorsed candidate vying for the right to get creamed by Amy Klobuchar in November. But the hardnosed West Metro super-executives aren’t taking this lying down. As BSP’s Sally Jo Sorensen tells, they, too, have a chosen candidate to lose to Senator Klobuchar in November, David Carlson:

Earlier this year, budding private security executive David Carlson launched a Kickstarter campaign for a reality television show, American PSD, but the campaign closed after it failed to reach its goal.

Now he’s running for U.S. Senate, challenging Republican endorsee Kurt Bills. At today’s Minnesotans for David Carlson Press Event, he’ll share more of his ideas with the media.

Largely, it’s an anti-Ron Paul reaction. While Carlson has taken down one statement about his candidacy, another on Facebook Why I’m running for the Republican nomination for United States Senate from Minnesota lays out his position as the Not-Bills…

So you’re probably reading that and thinking something like this: “What the hell? A reality-show reject? Is this Carlson guy really the best the Minnetonka and Wayzata crowd can do? How the hell did those bozos get to be so rich — are they all, contrary to their own PR, really not all that bright or skilled, but mostly just trustafarians who’ve never had to work for a single thing or give a damn about anyone else in their entire lives?”

Well, you may not be thinking all of that, but you might be wondering how and/or why the WM1% anointed Carlson to be their standard-bearer in this primary battle. This passage from another Sorensen post gives a few clues thereto:

Carlson’s business partner in Blue Diamond Strategies is Republican operative Abdul-Rahman Magba-Kamara, whose Linkedin profile lists his experience as Field Staff at MN House Republican Campaign Committee, Field Staff at Seifert for Governor and Chairman at Minnesota College Republicans. A.K. Kamara on Facebook, he lists climate change denier group Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow as his employer in addition to Blue Diamond Strategies. In short, a made man of the anti-Emmer faction of the MNGOP; Gilmore carries a card as well.

How determined are the Worthies of the One Percent to back Carlson? One of their favorite operatives, John Hugh Gilmore — the Silver-Tongued Drunken Attacker of Women — is on the case, pushing Carlson’s candidacy to any male progblogger or reporter who will listen. Gilmore’s misdeeds during last year’s Netroots Nation (the video evidence of which can be seen at the top of this post) would have got him banned from public life if he were a lefty, but not only is the Great Republican Free Pass for Life in full effect with him, he’s even got many allegedly-tough and no-nonsense progressives and journalists eating out of his hand, citing him as a legitimate source and go-to person on a variety of topics.

With so many progressive people willing to give Carlson shill Gilmore Wormtongue a free pass, no wonder the West Metro One Percent folks think that Carlson has a shot at the GOP Senate race nomination.

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