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Remember when I said that after an extended kabuki, we’d find that the military was still running Egypt?

Posted by Charles II on June 14, 2012

That was July 13th, 2011, reprising a February 2011 prediction.

David Hearst and Abdel Rahman-Hussein, The Guardian:

Two days before the second round of presidential elections, Egypt’s highest court on Thursday dissolved the Islamist-dominated parliament and ruled that the army-backed candidate could stay in the race, in what was widely seen as a double blow for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The decision was denounced as a coup by opposition leaders of all kinds and many within the Brotherhood, who fear that they will lose much of the political ground they have gained since Hosni Mubarak was ousted 16 months ago.

The decision by the supreme constitutional court – whose judges were appointed by Mubarak – brought into sharp focus the power struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and the supreme council of the armed forces (Scaf), the military council that took up the reins of power after Mubarak’s fall.

The Brotherhood has now lost its power base in parliament, at the same time as seeing the military-backed candidate, Ahmad Shafiq, the last president to serve under Mubarak, receive a boost.

The decision means legislative authority reverts to Scaf.

Let’s just say I don’t think this would happen if SCAF thought the US government would oppose this deed, which effectively blocks Islamists from legally attaining power.

As’ad AbuKhalil comments:

The counter-revolution (US-Israel-Saudi Arabia-Qatar) are overplaying their hands and screwing up big time. The outcome will reverse what they had aimed at. Stay tuned.

It will certainly legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood in the eyes of both liberals and the harder-line Islamists.

2 Responses to “Remember when I said that after an extended kabuki, we’d find that the military was still running Egypt?”

  1. jo6pac said

    I’m sure hillary will get this all straighten out ASAP. I pretty sure most of us saw this coming but I hope the will of the young can last longer the those the control the govt. Then again I hope that will happen here in Amerika also.

    • Charles II said

      Juan Cole also does not believe that this is going to work to undo the revolution. I’m less certain. Egypt is a profoundly conservative country. There are a lot of people who liked the dictatorship.

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