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Excess deaths of 22,000 in US alone?

Posted by Charles II on June 21, 2012

That’s the claim in this KPFA report(starts about two-thirds in). This claim apparently traces to work by Mangano and Sherman, a study that has been vigorously attacked by the nuclear industry. As I understand it, radiation is particularly dangerous for fetuses and infants because rapid cell division makes the young especially vulnerable.

I’m sure the Catholic hierarchy will be right on this issue. Just as soon as the nuclear industry is taken over by Democrats.

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Bradlee Dean May Run, But He Can’t Hide From Gary Schiff

Posted by Phoenix Woman on June 21, 2012

Video available here.

This cracked me up:

City Councilman Gary Schiff is challenging Bradlee Dean to a debate over Dean’s comments disparaging south Minneapolis as a “Third World country.

“You call it the Third World Bradlee Dean, I call it the Ninth Ward,” Schiff posted on Facebook. “When you are ready to crawl out of your cave, I will gladly challenge you to a debate as to who better reflects the American Dream: You, or my constituents and the better world they are creating.”

Schiff tells City Pages the challenge comes with a condition: Dean has to visit the Schiff home for dinner and share a meal with Schiff, his partner, David Barela, and Barela’s mother. ” I would hope he’s not afraid to have dinner with two gay guys and their mom,” Schiff said.

Any bets as to whether the homophobe and bigot actually shows up? Or will he run away?>

More on this can be found at Bradlee Dean Info, which broke the news and which provided the lovely graphic at the top of this page.

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