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Another coup, in Paraguay?

Posted by Charles II on June 23, 2012

Via Adrienne, we learn from Mark Weisbrot that the oligarchy has seized power in Paraguay:

A coup d’etat is taking place right now, Friday afternoon, in Paraguay.

That is how it has been described by a number of neighboring governments. …

The Congress of Paraguay is trying to oust the president, Fernando Lugo, by means of an impeachment proceeding for which he was given less than 24 hours to prepare and only two hours to present a defense. …It would be impossible to call this due process under any circumstances, but it is also a clear violation of Article 17 of Paraguay’s constitution, which provides for the right to an adequate defense.

The main trigger for the impeachment is an armed clash between peasants fighting for land rights with police, which left at least 17 dead… But this violent confrontation is merely a pretext, as it is clear that the president had no responsibility for what happened.

The Obama administration has responded to the current crisis in Paraguay with a statement in support of due process…. But Washington may still play its traditional role by assuring the opposition that the new government will have support, including financial and military, from Washington. We will watch what happens.

The OAS’ human rights branch has effectively declared Paraguay to be in breach of international law. This should lead to the prompt expulsion of Paraguay from the OAS.

Note that this coup follows a similar form to the Honduran coup, with a pseudo-legal process. They were smart enough not to deport Lugo in his pajamas.

One Response to “Another coup, in Paraguay?”

  1. jo6pac said

    Yep, Amerika coup. We just don’t want those dangerous socialist ideas spreading north so we need to kill them there so they won’t come to Amerika.

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