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Theater of the Mind: In Mexico, computer tallies amplify suspicions/updated

Posted by Charles II on July 2, 2012

Update: This link claims that Anonymous has denied hacking the IFE computers. If correct, the screen shot below would be a fabrication. As I posted, what matters is whether people believe election results, and clearly there’s doubt.
Update: Link to AMLO Q&A.

Editorial by La Jornada
The following is being presented as a screen capture, allegedly obtained by Anonymous, of an internal screen dated July 2nd (10:35 AM) of the Mexican Institute for Federal Elections:

It shows a commanding AMLO victory at over 90% vote count.

Now, is it for real? That’s less clear. The blog is called Theater of the Lie. The blog author seems concerned about the Masons, not something that tends to make me trust. Someone who’s good with Photoshop can tell me whether those images are likely to be tampered. And CNN claims that the hacker community voted not to touch the IFE computers. But the point is, we have gotten to the point where who knows what to trust? Computer-generated vote counts in a non-transparent and highly-fallible system?

What is clear is that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will challenge the elections.

Now, this is remarkable given the 7 point spread. That would represent a very large theft of votes–millions. More than the reports from the field of alleged thefts suggested to me (although here again, hard data is difficult to come by, since anti-AMLO hackers attacked the website where irregularities were to be reported). AMLO claims 1 million votes bought. The report implies this is just in the state of Mexico, but I think this probably refers to nationwide.

I honestly doubt AMLO would do this unless he had sources telling him that there was something big to find. He’s (IMO) too old to run again. The #YoSoy132 contingent are really fired up. They believe that this election has been stolen. After 2006, who can blame them?

Maybe the powers-that-be can force the genie back into the bottle. My guess is that people are so p–sed off about the inability of the government to make wages rise and unemployment fall that Mexico will become ungovernable. Of course, I thought that in 2006. Depending on your definition of “ungovernable,” you could say I was right or wrong.

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Monday AM News Roundup: Philly Cops Target #NATGAT Video Streamers, Bachmann Hearts Terrorists? Small And Local Farming More Profitable Than Thought

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 2, 2012

Some choice news items for your perusal:

— From various observers via Twitter, word is that the Philadelphia police moved in on the #NATGAT or national Occupy gathering last night, making a point of targeting and arresting known live video streamers.

— Michele Bachmann, in the course of trying to pump some zombie life into the debunked “Fast and Furious” FauxGate, <a href="“>said the following:

[Eric Holder] was running a political program and putting thousands of dangerous guns in the hands of terrorists in Mexico for the purpose of trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights from us.

By “terrorists” she means drug runners and the like. You know, like her buddy Frank Vennes?

How complicit was Michele Bachmann and associates in assisting Frank Vennes in his quest to erase his criminal record to facilitate his role as Tom Petters’ financier? What did Bachmann know? In her pardon letter, Bachmann claimed to know a great deal about Frank Vennes ” from personal experience”.

We may learn the answer to that question when Eric Holder’s Justice Department prosecutes Frank Vennes in October.


NOTE: For Bachmann to call Mexican drug dealers “terrorists” is especially ironic since she supported a pardon for Frank Vennes who was convicted of gun & cocaine trafficking.

For more about Frank Vennes, go to the Vennes Info blog.

— Even as Big Ag struggles to find cheap labor now that the supply of Mexican farm workers has diminished, small farmers that serve local communities find they can make good livings and provide good food:

A looming shortage of migrant workers, with fewer Mexicans coming north in recent years, could create a kind of rural-urban divide if it continues, with mass-production farms that depend on cheap labor losing some of their price advantages over locally grown food, which tends to be more expensive. From the vineyards of California to the cherry orchards of Oregon, big agriculture has struggled this year to find willing hands. Local farm sales are becoming more stable, predictable and measurable. A study last fall by the Department of Agriculture said that local revenues had been radically undercounted in previous analyses that mainly focused on road stands and markets. When sales to restaurants and stores were factored in, the study said, the local food industry was four times bigger than in any previous count, upward of $4.8 billion.

More predictable revenue streams, especially at a time when so many investments feel risky, are creating a firmer economic argument for local farming that, in years past, was more of a political or lifestyle choice.

“How you make it pay is to get closer to the customer,” said Michael Duffy, a professor of economics at Iowa State University, capsuling the advice he gives to new farmers in the Midwest.

Oh, and here’s Mitt Romney in 2006, talking up Obamneycare and mandates. Enjoy!

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