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Someone has courage/updated

Posted by Charles II on July 9, 2012

Juan Cole says I am likely to lose the bet that Morsi prevails, since left and liberal groups came out against Morsi’s move. It’s certainly bad that anti-dictatorship forces have been split, but I cannot imagine how having a president under the thumb of the military and without a parliament to back him up could be tolerable.
Abdel-Rahman Hussein, Guardian:

On Sunday, [Egyptian president Mohamed] Morsi had called on the old parliament to reconvene until a new parliament was elected.

After last month’s supreme court ruling, [the military council] Scaf decreed that parliament was dissolved, with legislative powers reverting back to the military council. It is this decree that Morsi reversed.

Usually when the men with the guns issue an order, the politicians obey. If SCAF blinks now, their days are numbered. They almost have to arrest Morsi. But if they do, then they almost guarantee that the country erupts. Up until now, the Muslim Brotherhood has been acting to tamp things down, and if they oppose the military, then the military can only count on the old Mubarak machine… and those folks are in it for the money, not for principle. So, it’s unlikely that the military will act now. But Morsi has hung a target around his neck.

Here is Juan Cole’s analysis.

My bet is that Morsi wins this round.

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Hey Congress! Make Corporations Play By The Rules They Had You Inflict On Unions

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 9, 2012

Last month, the far-right-wing judicial activists running the Supreme Court did this:

So with Citizens United, the activist conservative Supreme Court ruled that corporations could spend unlimited amounts of unregulated money to buy elections.

Today, that same activist conservative Supreme Court ruled that unions had to get opt-in permission from members to use dues for political purposes (something petitioners didn’t even ask for).

So does that mean corporations need to get opt-in permission from shareholders in order to be allowed to use company resources for political purposes? Logic would dictate so.

in response, Chris Bowers and Daily Kos did this:

In response, sign our petition asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to introduce legislation requiring corporations to get opt-in permission from shareholders in order to be allowed to use company resources for political purposes.

You know what to do.

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I guess we can take comfort in the fact that he’s just someone else’s puppet

Posted by Charles II on July 9, 2012

Lisa Wines, Wonkette, via Mexfiles:

Peña Nieto, during what he calls a “difficult time of crisis” in his first marriage to Monica Pretelini, cheated on his wife with two different women and had two children outside of his marriage., the dating website for married people, proudly put Peña Nieto on a billboard in Mexico City, saying, “Unfaithful to his family. Faithful and committed to his country.”

Agustín Humberto Estrada Negrete, a former director and teacher at a school for children with special needs, claims to have been Peña Nieto’s homosexual lover for seven years

Estrada Negrete claims that Peña Nieto’s wife discovered him and Peña Nieto inflagranti and an argument between husband and wife ensued. When Peña Nieto started to beat his wife, Estrada Negrete decided it was time to leave. The next thing he knew, Monica Pretelini was dead.

On May 12, 2007, Peña Nieto’s deceased wife’s bodyguards were murdered while accompanying Peña Nieto’s three children, their maternal grandparents and aunt in Veracruz. Only the truck of the bodyguards was targeted

Estrada Negrete lost his job, was arrested twice for minor charges, tortured and gang-raped in jail, had death threats written on the walls of his school and inside his home and finally someone tried to kill him with a plastic bag over his head.

all is not well in the soap-opera fairy tale of Peña Nieto and Angelica Rivera, his soap-opera star wife. On March 13 of this year, Angelica Rivera was admitted to a hospital, bruised and beaten.

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