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Why You Should Support Bluestem Prairie

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 13, 2012

Sally Jo Sorensen over at Bluestem Prairie is having a fundraiser. She’s definitely worth whatever shekels you can send her way.

She’s broken a number of stories, both of local and national import, over the years. Her most famous recent scoop, done in conjunction with Ken Avidor, has been the news that Bradlee Dean was ordered to pay over $24,000 in order to keep his SLAPP suit against Rachel Maddow and Andy Birkey from being dismissed with prejudice.

Please consider going to Sally Jo’s site and using the paypal button there (checks accepted; email Sally Jo at AT for her snail mail address) or something from her modest wish list (mostly coffee and cat treats, as she says).

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I give Fox Business a chance of survival

Posted by Charles II on July 13, 2012

“No self-respecting man should ever be seen in a beret” –Mandy Drury, CNBC

Thing is, Mandy and especially her partner, Brian Sullivan, make brainless comments like this all the time. But since those comments have to do with finance and the economy, their audience (minus myself) doesn’t notice. Given how bad CNBC is getting, Fox Business might actually survive.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on July 13, 2012

Friday Cat Blogging

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