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Conservatism = Mental Illness: Meat Industry And Space Program Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on July 18, 2012

— The United States mainland is in the grip of a terrible drought; in many places, such as Texas, the drought has been around for years. So, rather than say “Gee, maybe those scientists are right after all about global warming”, what do the conservatives that run meat-industry organ Meatingplace do? They attack the EPA:

Steiner said a reduction in the ethanol mandate could provide some relief, but the EPA doesn’t have a history of pushing the panic button afforded by current law. In 2008, Scholer noted, Texas Gov. Rick Perry requested EPA do so, which prompted a study into whether the mandate was causing economic harm, the agency’s litmus test. The agency determined the mandate did not. The process of coming to that determination took more than six months.

— Twitter ace pourmecoffee states the following: “Conservatives complaining Obama outsourced space program to Russia. Reason? GOP cuts specifically opposed by WH:“. To be specific:

In a Statement of Administration Policy issued May 7, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) cited the below-request funding for NASA’s commercial crew program as among the reasons Obama would be likely to veto H.R. 5326 if it reaches his desk as is.

“The Administration strongly opposes the level of funding provided for the commercial crew program, which is $330 million below the [fiscal year] 2013 Budget request, as well as restrictive report language that would eliminate competition in the program,” the OMB wrote. “This would increase the time the United States will be required to rely solely on foreign providers to transport American astronauts to and from the space station.”

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