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Mexico in the interregnum/updated

Posted by Charles II on July 26, 2012

“Your bullets cannot kill my hope.” (Image from @FabioLA_Grinch)

The activity on #YoSoy132 is impressive. There is a march against Televisa Chapultepec, with the authorities putting up perhaps 100 officers. AMLO is proposing an interim president, and the PRI is accusing him of trying to bring on anarchy. The elections court has coyly dismissed complaints by individual citizens, claiming that only the parties have jurisdiction. YoSoyAntiFraude is counting the “actas,” the numbers reported (as opposed to the “sábanas,” or–loosely translated– precinct sheets) See here for an image, on right of a sábana, and here for an acta. Both images from SDP Noticias via QuePagina. The count of the actas is so far more or less consistent with the official results, so this may come down to evidence that there is inconsistency between the count as initially reported and as transmitted.

Update: Jo Tuckman on Televisa protest.

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