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Reset the Bachmann clock

Posted by Charles II on July 31, 2012

Thomas Beaumont, AP, reports that campaign aide Barb Heki is suing Bachmann and senior aide Kent Sorenson for stealing an e-mail list of home schoolers from her computer, resulting in Heki being removed from the board of the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators and its national counterpart. Heki also names four aides who she says covered up the theft.

The Strib, apparently comatose, has not followed up on the AP report, which has conveniently dropped off its front page.


5 Responses to “Reset the Bachmann clock”

  1. Phoenix Woman said

    Yup. Meanwhile, I have to rely on Politico via a DFL press release to inform me that Bachmann stiffed a bunch of small business vendors to the tune of almost $1 million:

    After Failed Presidential Bid, Bachmann Stiffed Small Business Vendors Nearly $1 Million

    ST. PAUL – DFL Chair Ken Martin released the following statement in response to the news that Michele Bachmann owes small businesses across the country nearly $1 million after her short-lived run for President (POLITICO):

    “After abandoning the people of the Sixth Congressional District for over a year, we have now learned that Michele Bachmann also abandoned a number of small business owners across the country by refusing to pay the bills she accumulated during her failed run for president. Michele Bachmann and her Republican colleagues have reached a new level of hypocrisy by claiming Republican policies will help small businesses, while at the same time refusing to pay many of those small businesses for their services. By leaving business owners like Cal Campbell of TurfCars in Iowa with destroyed equipment and unpaid bills, Bachmann is making it clear that small businesses only really matter as a convenient campaign talking point.

    “Michele Bachmann ran for for president on a platform of fiscal responsibility, but the latest reports reveal that her campaign was actually running on fumes and empty rhetoric. Bachmann has been one of the biggest critics of borrow-and-spend budgeting, and ironically it seems those same tactics left her massively in debt and unable to pay her bills. She may claim she knows what it takes to help small businesses in Minnesota, but with this trail of unpaid bills Michele Bachmann has shown the country that she really only knows how to hang small businesses out to dry.

    “Minnesota deserves better than Michele Bachmann’s failed policies and the divisive, hypocritical attacks that have defined her time in Washington. That’s why the voters of the Sixth District are ready to elect Jim Graves this fall. They are ready to send someone with actual business experience to represent them in Washington, and we are going to do everything we can to help make sure they succeed.”


    • Charles II said

      Tell me again: why does any Democrat or independent buy the Strib? I can see why Republicans might, but even they should be worried by a paper that’s so plainly not reporting half the news.

    • Charles II said

      Speaking of relying, how come the Minnbloggers haven’t picked this up?

      The public could gave a d–n about Bachmann’s despicable attacks on Huma Abedin, but stiffing small businessmen and stealing a Christian homeschool e-mail list ought to ring like a gong.

  2. snoopy said

    The Heki lawsuit: here

    h/t Bleeding Heartland: Lawsuit accuses Sorenson, Bachmann campaign staffers over stolen e-mails where recent updates provide additional information and allegations.

    “The source adds that the people in charge of Bachmann’s national campaign were aware of the situation and conducted a serious internal debate about how to handle it.

    “I am confident that Kent Sorenson participated in the theft and I am confident that members of the senior staff were aware of it, certainly on or before December,” the former Bachmann aide said. “And they debated it for three weeks, the senior staff, what to do. Over loud objections, they let Barb take the fall for it.””

    Did they pray over it?

    Additional fyi links:

    Rep. Kent Sorenson’s court record includes a drug conviction with a jail sentence, garnished wages for failure to pay child support, tax trouble, financial judgments for not paying bills and a bankruptcy filing in 2003.

    Sorenson, Reynolds Lucky Voting Restrictions for Criminals not Retroactive “If Sorenson and Reynolds can overcome their criminal past and go on to serve the state of Iowa, why are these same Republicans being so hard on criminals? I thought an elephant never forgets.”:

    Random snack food suggestion

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