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Paray fer Emerica, nu? /Updated

Posted by Charles II on August 4, 2012

Recent comment by a middle-aged Mormon with some college education (no link): My God Will supply all i needs according to his Riches in Glory nu Chirst Jesus.

If we could reform right-wing spelling, we might have a chance at their theology. Nu?
Update, HuffPo:

Preacher Todd Bentley may think he has a cure for what ails you–and it’s a swift kick in the face.

In one interview, Bentley claims that the “Holy Spirit” told him to kick an ill elderly woman in the face with his biker boot.

“Just as my boot made contact with her nose,” the 36-year old said, “she fell under the power of God.”

In another video segment, the preacher claims he cured a man of both cancer and a broken sternum by socking him in the chest.

OK, maybe even spelling reform would not touch this theology.

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Do Mitt’s Tax Returns Show IRA Shenanigans?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 4, 2012

I’ve been wondering why the reporters of America’s establishment media are too busy attacking Harry Reid for his questions about Willard “Mitt” Romney’s stubborn refusal to follow his own father George’s example and release several years’ worth of tax returns. 

Real reporters, instead of bashing Harry Reid, would be wondering if Mitt Romney won’t follow his father’s example of releasing several years’ worth of full tax returns because it might possibly reveal that Mitt Romney had planned to break the law from the start when he set up his enormous IRA:

    The Romneys won’t tell us how, or even if, they assigned super-low values to the A shares, but there are a couple of ways to do it. One is to use standard options models to price the shares—then feed inappropriate assumptions into those models. Romney could alternatively have used a model called liquidation valuation, which Kleinbard says would have been “completely inappropriate.” Without seeing the assumptions used on Romney’s tax returns from the years when those lowball A shares were squirted into his I.R.A., we cannot know how he did it. Whatever methods he used, however, the valuations were, according to Andrew Smith, of Houlihan Capital in Chicago, “pushing the envelope.” (Andrea Saul retorts, “Why should successful investments be criticized?”)

So why are most reporters asking the wrong questions on this?

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