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More politicians like this, please…

Posted by Charles II on August 7, 2012

Yani Kunichoff, truthout:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein spent Wednesday night in a Philadelphia jail after being arrested at an Occupy protest against Fannie Mae….

If you want to be a leader, the people who sacrifice time and treasure on your behalf expect you to take your job seriously. In the last 15 years, Congress

  • created the conditions for the financial crisis
  • repealed basic civil liberties through the Patriot Act
  • got us into an illegal war
  • let the telecomm companies get away with illegal wiretapping
  • held no one to account for torture
  • let the Pentagon waste untold hundreds of billions
  • let wealthy tax evaders steal over a trillion from the Treasury
  • failed to prevent mass dispossession from their homes
  • held no one accountable for blowing up the economy
  • Not one member of Congress went to jail, on hunger strike, or even got censured by the House/Senate for protesting any of it. Not even Dennis Kucinich.

    That is not leadership.

    Stein is a good speaker. Here’s a clip of her position on one issue:

    YK: A cornerstone of your campaign is the Green New Deal. What is it?

    JS: The Green New Deal is an emergency plan based on the New Deal that has a track record. It substantially got us out of the depression and this plan is modeled on that. It would create 25 million jobs, community jobs and living wage jobs at the same time that it jumpstarts the green economy that can make wars for oil obsolete …

    …we would see communities also hiring back their teachers…as well as positions in childcare and violence prevention….It would also include jump starting small businesses and worker cooperatives…

    The cost of these programs have been estimated […by…] a model created by Philip Harvey at Rutgers Law School. His plan calls for the program that costs a little bit less than the President’s first stimulus package, directly creates jobs where as President Obama’s calls for tax cuts for corporations. The Green New Deal contains financial reform to ensure that financing is available. It would break up the big banks… we would implement a Wall Street transaction gas, tax Wall Street gains as income, as well as the money coming in with the downsizing of the military.

    We are underdogs here, but the American voter is an underdog voter and an underdog citizen and worker and student. We are all getting devoured here by a system that has nothing to do with democracy…It’s a deadly trajectory, literally.

    This is a reasonably well-defined program which comes with a well-defined price tag. This is the kind of thing the major parties should have.

    It’s too bad she’s not running for Congress. I think she could win. Just one such win would radically shift the political equation in this country, because only someone who is willing to go to jail over principle is able to lead.

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    Doubling down on ice cream sundaes

    Posted by Charles II on August 7, 2012

    Back in March, I said the market was overvalued. It was then at 1416. The Volatility Index was similarly at low historical levels of about 15:

    The VIX is now at 15.

    VIXY, a security that tracks the VIX index was then at about 36. It is now at 25.

    This is a hated security. While VIX is unchanged, and the S&P is at the same level, VIXY is off 30%.

    Now, maybe everything is copacetic. There will be no fiscal cliff, no uncertainty related to Europe or the election, the global slowdown will be negligible and the Republicans will not manage to screw everything up within the next six months.

    But I just increased my bet on ice cream sundaes.

    Granted, so far, I have been nothing but wrong this year (I briefly got in the money in June, but decided to hold). And, as I pointed out, extremes in VIX tend to be lumpy: there are long, long periods when it is below 25, even as low as 10.

    But I do not believe that things are so peachy that I’ll end up buying ice cream sundaes for the investment banks on the other side of this bet.

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    Medicaid Expansion Hater Rick Perry Figures Medicaid Expansion Into His TX Budget

    Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 7, 2012

    Proving once again that Texas is indeed the National Laboratory for Bad Government (hat tip to FDL):

    Think Progress came up with an excellent catch late yesterday. They obtained a letter from Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Administration, which projects the state health care budget by assuming the expansion of Medicaid to everyone below 133% of the poverty line by 2014:

    Greta Rymal, Deputy Executive Commissioner for Financial Services, has projected the fiscal impact of this rule for three years, assuming that all clients will be eligible for Medicaid following the expansion of the Medicaid program in January 2014 […]

    Perry has been among the most vocal GOP governors in saying that his state would not accept the Medicaid expansion. But here, in an official document, it assumes expansion.

    Turns out that this is part of Perry’s plan to defund Planned Parenthood by his pretending to set up a State-of-Texas-run alternative — but in order for him to set up that alternative, he needs boatloads of money which only allowing the very Medicaid expansion he’s been so vocally against can provide.


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