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Fraudulent historian David Barton called out by actually conservative actual Christians

Posted by Charles II on August 8, 2012

David Barton has long been a thorn in the side of any honest person who regards themselves as a Christian.

To put it very simply, he makes stuff up and, worse, these lies get spread far and wide without contradiction by eventheNewYorkTimes and other putative guardians of the truth. Then these lies are recycled endlessly through the HypoChristian and Right-Wing Political Machines. Americans United has been writing about Barton for years. Now, at last, conservative Christian scholars are starting to speak up. Thomas Kidd at WorldMag (via t/o):

David Barton, president of the WallBuilders organization and a frequent guest on Glenn Beck’s broadcasts, is one of America’s most popular Christian history writers. Liberal critics have long accused Barton of misinterpretations and errors…But now some conservative Christian scholars are publicly questioning Barton’s work, too.

Jay W. Richards, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and author with James Robison of Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before It’s Too Late, spoke alongside Barton at Christian conferences as recently as last month. Richards says in recent months he has grown increasingly troubled about Barton’s writings, so he asked 10 conservative Christian professors to assess Barton’s work.

Their response was negative. Some examples: Glenn Moots of Northwood University wrote that Barton in The Jefferson Lies is so eager to portray Jefferson as sympathetic to Christianity that he misses or omits obvious signs that Jefferson stood outside “orthodox, creedal, confessional Christianity.” A second professor, Glenn Sunshine of Central Connecticut State University, said that Barton’s characterization of Jefferson’s religious views is “unsupportable.” A third, Gregg Frazer of The Master’s College, evaluated Barton’s video America’s Godly Heritage and found many of its factual claims dubious, such as a statement that “52 of the 55 delegates at the Constitutional Convention were ‘orthodox, evangelical Christians.’” Barton told me he found that number in M.E. Bradford’s A Worthy Company.

A full-scale, newly published critique of Barton is coming from Professors Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter of Grove City College, a largely conservative Christian school in Pennsylvania. Their book Getting Jefferson Right: Fact Checking Claims about Our Third President (Salem Grove Press), argues that Barton “is guilty of taking statements and actions out of context and simplifying historical circumstances.” For example, they charge that Barton, in explaining why Jefferson did not free his slaves, “seriously misrepresents or misunderstands (or both) the legal environment related to slavery.”

This has been a very long time coming, and Jay Richards deserves little credit for at last discovering the extensive fraud that’s been before his nose. But credit where credit is do. Conservative historians have at last discovered–and outed– one liar who is beyond the pale.

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  1. MEC said

    The publisher has ceased publiscation of Barton’s book.

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