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The Mutt Romney Blues

Posted by Charles II on August 9, 2012

Song is by Ry Cooder:

Romney is as bad as anyone can be. He’s a dangerous man. He’s a cruel man. He’s a perfect creation for what the Republican party is all about. And that is to say, a rapacious capitalist. Anyone who ran Bain Capital is not your friend. All they’re going to do is rape and pillage the land. That’s what he did at Bain Capital and that’s what he’s going to continue to do. Plus he can go around and in this guise of being a good businessman, which he’s not …. and this face – with the big grin and everything – is jovial, but hollow. And it’s outrageous if you analyse what he’s saying, because he’ll say one thing and do the opposite.

I’m not sure Romney is as bad as anyone can be. The Republicans keep finding worse ones.

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SLAPP-Happy Sheldon Adelson Sues NJDC For Mentioning His Macau Scandal

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 9, 2012

Speaking of Sheldon Adelson, in case you were wondering whether discussion of the burgeoning Macau scandal was starting to hurt him, here’s your answer:

Sheldon Adelson is suing the National Jewish Democratic Council for defamation.
Lawyers for Adelson, the casino magnate and major Republican donor, had sent a warning letter to the NJDC and to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last week after each body had quoted news reports alleging that Adelson had approved of prostitution at his properties in Macau, China. The allegation appeared in a lawsuit file by a former Adelson employee, Steven Jacobs, who had managed Adelson’s Macau business until being fired in 2010.

The cowards at the D-Trip knuckled under, of course. But the NJDC is made of sterner stuff, and so Adelson is suing them. Here is the NJDC’s response:

We will not be bullied into submission, and we will not be silenced by power. This is not Putin’s Russia, and in America, political speech regarding one of the most well-known public figures in our country is a fundamental right. One would think the person making greatest use of the Citizens United ruling would understand this. To be sure, referencing mainstream press accounts examining the conduct of a public figure and his business ventures—as we did—is wholly appropriate. Indeed, it is both an American and a Jewish obligation to ask hard questions of powerful individuals like Mr. Adelson, just as it is incumbent upon us to praise his wonderful philanthropic endeavors.

We know that we were well within our rights, and we will defend ourselves against this SLAPP suit as far and as long as necessary. We simply will not be bullied, and we will not be silenced.

I’m not sure how wonderful Adelson’s alleged philanthropy really is, but as for the rest of the NJDC statement, I wholeheartedly agree.

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