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Posted by Charles II on August 20, 2012

Via Avedon, a good theological argument on why everything that conservative Christians think they know about what the Bible says on homosexuality is wrong.

Now, if only it were this clear-cut. The Bible is simply not very clear on many issues and this is one of them. But Matthew Vines makes an excellent, erudite case for his viewpoint, and even (especially) people who think that the Bible condemns homosexuality should hear him out. Including those gays/lesbians/TG who have left the church believing they have no place in it.

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Take That, Romney/Ryan! Obamacare Has Helped Medicare’s Finances

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 20, 2012


I wonder if the establishment media will notice that yet another Romney/Ryan talking point — namely, their Obama and Medicare claim — is a big fat lie?

Here are the deets:

Res ipsa loquitor.

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