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Take That, Romney/Ryan! Obamacare Has Helped Medicare’s Finances

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 20, 2012


I wonder if the establishment media will notice that yet another Romney/Ryan talking point — namely, their Obama and Medicare claim — is a big fat lie?

Here are the deets:

Res ipsa loquitor.

One Response to “Take That, Romney/Ryan! Obamacare Has Helped Medicare’s Finances”

  1. Charles II said

    Newsweek editors should read MercRising, so they don’t make silly mistakes.

    From Bonnie Kavousi, HuffPo:

    UPDATE: 12:56 p.m. — Newsweek did not fact-check Ferguson’s cover story, according to Dylan Byers, a media reporter at Politico. Byers wrote on Twitter that a Newsweek spokesman said the magazine does not have a fact-checking department, and that “we, like other news organisations today, rely on our writers to submit factually accurate material.”

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