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Where is Culture of Truth when we need him?

Posted by Charles II on August 29, 2012

Republican chant: “We bilked it! We bilked it! USA! USA!”

The Republican National Convention definitely needs to be given the CoT treatment. His comments are here, but I would phrase it more like this:

Ann Romney: Women want to be loved, and Mitt’s a lover!
Chris Christie: Fahgeddabout love! Women want respect! And I respect ’em. Except teechurs.
The Hucksterbee (then): Mitt Romney doesn’t have a soul.
The Hucksterbee (now, donning Clinton mask): We can do better than Barack Obama. Like this Mormon guy.
Rice: Fortunately, you’re so well-indictrinated that you’ve forgotten that my husb…er, boss caused all this wreckage.
Rice: Thank goodness the Canadians are willing to trash their country so that we can trash the world.
Rice: GW Bush? Who’s that?
Rice: I could be president after Mitt loses.
Susana Martinez: Let’s not talk about Mitt. Let’s talk about me! I could be president after Mitt loses.

Please add your own.

3 Responses to “Where is Culture of Truth when we need him?”

  1. Ryan: I’m going to lie like a rug and bet that nobody on national TV news programs will call me on it while I’m doing it!

    • MEC said

      I don’t know about TV news programs, but in cyberspace, a Fox News commentator said Ryan set the world record for lying.

      U.S. News and World Report put “Ryan repeats lies” in a headline.

      The rest of the so-called news media declined to be that blunt. The AP, for example, used the euphemism took some factual shortcuts. But overall, it looks like Romney’s aide telling the press corps to kiss his ass is having consequences.

      (Links go to Daily Kos posts that contain links to the sources.)

  2. Charles II said

    The Guardian counted 5 Big Lies.

    * The [Medicare] cuts to which Ryan refers are in reimbursements to hospitals and insurers, not in payouts to beneficiaries. Ryan knows this because he has written these same cuts into his famed budget.

    *The GM plant to which Ryan refers closed in December 2008, before Obama took office.

    * In his speech, Ryan neglected to say that he sat on this [Simpson-Bowles] committee, and that he personally voted “no” on the “urgent report” to which he alludes.

    * [Ryan said] “The truest measure of any society is how it treats those who cannot defend or care for themselves … We can make the safety net safe again.” If Paul Ryan’s budget is notable for anything, it’s for cuts to Medicaid and other programs that low-income households depend on.

    * [Ryan] said of Obama’s first term: “It began with a perfect Triple-A credit rating for the United States; it ends with a downgraded America.” In fact, the downgrade was the result of refusal of Republicans in Congress to vote to raise the debt ceiling, despite pressure from the White House and most outside analysts.

    Ah, the Audacity of Dopes.

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