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Hayes ICE Lawsuit Bait-And-Switch: Why Didn’t He Name The Victims?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 2, 2012

Of all the things that can be said about the bizarre lawsuit brought by James T. Hayes, who is being worshiped as a god by by various right-wing Obama haters nationwide as his story is pushed by the New York Post and other right-wing presses, here are the things that stand out for me:

1) He claims there was sexual harassment going on, but not against himself.

2) He refuses to name the persons who he says were sexually harassed. Instead, he makes sleazy insinuations about lesbians designed to fuel the already-blazing homophobic fires of the right-wing rubber-chicken circuit that will likely be paying much of Hayes’ freight for the next four years. If anything was designed to Hoover up wingnut welfare, this is it.

If the harassment Hayes claims was done to others actually happened, why then did none of the alleged victims consent to be named in his lawsuit? Why did none of them agree to be part of Hayes’ complaint?

Why is there not a single named victim of sexual harassment? (Remember, Hayes isn’t claiming he himself was harassed — he’s claiming retaliation against himself for allegedly blowing the whistle, but not that he himself was sexually harassed.) Legitimate suits of this type have victims who are willing to go, by name, on the record — and with far better details than what Hayes alleges second hand, if real.

Read the complaint. You’ll see what I mean. Lots of table-pounding, lurid lesbian-baiting, and bait-and-switching, but where are the actual victims of harassment?

UPDATE: Last month, When this first broke out of the right-wing media echo chamber and into the respectable press, New York City’s Republican mayor, Michael Bloomberg, vouched for the person thought by some to be Hayes’s real target, Napolitano associate Dora Schriro, a corrections and incarcerations expert with a very good professional reputation in both New York and Arizona: “Mr. Hayes, Ms. Barr nor Ms. Schriro could be reached for comment, though a spokesman for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a statement that Ms. Schriro’s appointment at ICE was ‘based on merit.’”

UPDATE 2: Bmaz over at Emptywheel’s shop has an in-depth take that’s well worth reading.

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Bookmarked for later review: organized crime and the nuclear industry

Posted by Charles II on September 2, 2012

A fascinating look inside the Japanese nuclear industry and its dependence on organized crime by Richard Wilcox.

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MN GOP’s Voter ID Plan Would Cost Two Rural Counties Nearly $1 Million

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 2, 2012

Not only is Minnesota’s Kiffmeyered amendment version of ALEC’s voter restriction (aka “Photo ID”) model bill useless at stopping the sort of voter fraud it’s touted as stopping, it would also be ruinously expensive for state and local governments to enact.

The steep expense of the Photo ID amendment if it passes was first noticed in the case of Rice County, which would be out around $120,000 — a big financial blow for a largely-rural county of less than 65,000 souls. As bad as that is, it’s much worse for Minnesota’s Kittson County, which is even more rural than Rice: The 4,552 residents of Kittson County would, if this Photo ID amendment passes, get socked with a $730,000 bill.

That’s right, folks: The good folk of Kittson County are being asked by the Minnesota Republican Party to shell out $160 for every man, woman and child in the county, and to pay for something that won’t fight fraud but will make it harder for legal voters like shut-ins, veterans, and college kids to vote.

Worst of all: Rice and Kittson are only two of Minnesota’s eighty-seven counties, and not very big in terms of population. Imagine what the other eighty-five counties (and their taxpayers) will be paying.

All so the Republicans can try to screw a few tens of thousands of Minnesotans out of their right to vote.

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