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Republican Convention vs. Democratic Convention

Posted by MEC on September 6, 2012

The speakers at the Republican National Convention were politicians, business owners, various Romneys, actress Janine Turner, Paralympic gold medalist Chris Devlin-Young, Gov. Bob McDonnell’s daughter Jeanine McDonnell, and Clint Eastwood. Without exception, they’re people with money and political connections.

The speakers list for the Democratic National Convention includes plenty of politicians and other public figures. It also includes Doug Stern, firefighter from Cincinnati, Ohio; Maria Ciano, “stay-at-home mother and former Republican voter”; Stacey Lihn, mother of a child with severe medical issues; Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; Elaine Brye, teacher from Winona, Ohio; Johanny Adames, student and new U.S. citizen; Elizabeth Bruce, Planned Parenthood patient; Ed Meagher, Vietnam veteran who provides support services for wounded soldiers; Bill Butcher, small business owner; Benita Veliz, DREAM Act activist; Karen Eusanio, auto worker; and Randy Johnson, Cindy Hewitt and David Foster, former employees of companies bought by Bain Capital.

One might argue that the inclusion of ordinary people in the DNC lineup is just for show, to pander to the voters by orchestrating the message, “See? Your voice is important to us, we let some of you speak at our convention.” But by that cynical interpretation, the non-rich and non-powerful are so insignificant to the Republicans that they didn’t even bother to pander to them.

6 Responses to “Republican Convention vs. Democratic Convention”

  1. Charles II said

    MEC says, “Without exception, they’re people with money and political connections.”

    Not so. There were two parishioners from Bishop Romney’s church who testified to what a good guy he was with them when they faced issues of life and death (Ted & Pat Oparowsky
    and The Finlayson Family). They were comfortable middle class, but not wealthy or connected people by my estimation. And there were others, I’m sure. Unless you watched on C-Span, you missed some of the best parts.

    But what was unquestionably so was that the Republican Convention was about “I.” The Democratic Convention was about “We.”

  2. Stormcrow said

    In other words, the DNC organizers are a couple of standard deviations smarter than the RNC organizers.

    The last dozen years, and especially the last eight, should have taught us that something like this would happen. The Republican Party has been hijacked by its lunatic fringe, and such people can neither deliver an effective message nor govern a country.

    That doesn’t mean we can expect the Dems to live up to what they’re saying. Or even a tenth of it. The last 4 years should have taught us that.

    I’m not watching this year’s DNC. I wouldn’t do so even if I had a television set. Why bother? I heard the same lies 4 years ago.

    Sorry, folks. I’ve left the bandwagon, since it’s headed straight to hell anyway, unless you’re one of the 1%.

    Obama represents the actual partners of the American contract of governance, the major business interests. He can be expected to do their bidding and act in their interests.

    Not ours.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • Charles II said

      Choosing lunatic fringe vs. major business interests is actually a pretty clear choice.

      But in fact, Stormcrow, there are competing business interests, just as there have been back to the founding of the Republic. The Federalists represented finance and the Democratic Republicans represented agriculture.

      Now the descendants of the Federalists still represent finance and have added extractive industries like mining and oil/gas. The GOP got $67M from Finance/Real Estate/Insurance (vs. 43M for Dems) and 13M from energy (vs$3.7M for Dems).

      The descendants of the Democratic Republicans represent a broad range of industries including technology, education, health. They got $27.7M from Communications/Electronics vs. $9.4M for the GOP. Their single largest donor is Other.

      Given the industries, I would much rather the nation be run by Verizon and Google than by Exxon and Goldman Sachs.

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