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The Strib Finally Joins Outstate Minnesota Papers In Noticing The Huge Costs And Problems Of ALEC’s Voter ID Amendment

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 9, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised this week to see that the StarTribune had finally, nearly six months after papers in Greater Minnesota first sounded the alarms, deigned to notice what a mess the proposed ALEC “Voter ID” voter suppression amendment would make of both elections and county budgets. Despite my misgivings, a friend of mine tried posting variations of the following over in the comments sections at the Strib, but for some reason — possibly a reluctance to credit my friend Sally Jo Sorensen with anything, much less the story of the year — those comments never made it past the Strib’s comment minders. So here is what the StarTribune won’t tell you:


Glad to see that the StarTribune is finally on this story.

Greater Minnesota counties and the news media that serve them are in a panic over the huge holes that this vote-suppressing ALEC Amendment will blow in their budgets, which have already been stressed by Republican budget cuts — first by Tim Pawlenty, then by the Republicans in the state legislature.

The Fergus Falls Journal said “no” to it back in March of this year:

Last month, it was Rice County, which will get socked for $120,000:

Then, it was Kittson County, which has fewer than 5,000 residents, who will somehow have to shoulder $720,000 in extra costs levied by this amendment that does nothing to stop the sort of fraud its creators say it would stop:

Then the Marshall Independent weighed in against it, asking “Why are we even bothering with this?”:

Now even the deeply conservative McLeod County Chronicle rejects it, stating “Blatant political maneuvering should have no permanent place in Minnesota’s constitution”:

Here’s the irony: When Tim Pawlenty was governor, he vetoed, with the backing of Minnesota Republicans in the legislature, a plan by Mark Ritchie that would actually have dealt more effectively with fraud — and for far less money — than this current Kiffmeyer-backed ALEC-crafted amendment. The reason given? Kiffmeyer said it would cost too much. Seriously:

3 Responses to “The Strib Finally Joins Outstate Minnesota Papers In Noticing The Huge Costs And Problems Of ALEC’s Voter ID Amendment”

  1. Charles II said

    Poor Mike Mainello. Left defending a voter ID law that, according to the Star Tribune, would strip 250,000 people of the right to vote, all to stop voting by 200-some felons who didn’t know they had to get permission to vote.

    The facts just aren’t fair to Republicans.

  2. Charles II said

    It should also be added that the only way counties could deal with the costs is through taxes of some kind– most likely “user fees,” since that will hit the old, the poor, the disabled. In other words, the people least able to complain. Or pay the fees.

  3. n said

    Unfunded mandates, IOKIYAR/T
    The US ChamberPot of Commerce’s hot new legislation, the “American People’s Patriotic Cultural Freedom Ann Coulter Woman’s Sonogram Voter Purity Test Act”

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