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Voter ID is no problem–if you’re a multimillionaire celebrity

Posted by Charles II on September 11, 2012

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for bringing this to attention. Jim Cramer is a well-known CNBC celebrity, the host of Mad Money:

But suppose Jim Cramer’s Dad didn’t have a multimillionaire celebrity son. Think that he would have been allowed to get his ID?

I wonder if this can make the issue intelligible to conservatives who aren’t complete a–holes?

Rachel also noted that media stories have been documenting that so-called “free” ID can cost $50-$100 and take 6 hours. Assuming you’re healthy enough to travel to the DMV and stand in line and you actually do have a birth certificate.


5 Responses to “Voter ID is no problem–if you’re a multimillionaire celebrity”

  1. MEC said

    that so-called “free” ID can cost $50-$100 and take 6 hours.

    Yep. The ID is free, but the documents you need to get it can cost a lot in money and hassle to obtain them. Especially if you need your birth certificate and weren’t born in the state where you’re currently living.

  2. Phoenix Woman said

    Wonder if the Cherry-Picking GOP Trollie will use his monthlong timeout to actually read and digest this and all the other voter-related postings here on this blog?

    • Charles II said

      Mike is not on timeout. I just closed one thread to comments from anyone, in part because I suspect there is a limit to thread length that will cause WordPress to crash.

      Of course, I also find the ADHD-style of constant off-topic posting boring and annoying (not to mention the absurd accusation of lying). The least a person can do is to have the grace to acknowledge that his/her opponent might have a point on some issue–as I did repeatedly with him.

      True, closing the thread will force him to look at the front page if he wants to post again and, heaven knows, a post like the Cramer story might just allow some light to seep in to what must be a very dark cave.

      There’s also the news that court after court has struck down voter ID laws (except in Indiana), suggesting that maybe this is not just liberals trying to help illegal Kenyan Mooslim ACORN union thugs to vote. Who knows? Maybe we will get a conservative or two to think.

  3. bilejones said

    The man who sired Cramer should, of course, lose the right to vote.

  4. “I wonder if this can make the issue intelligible to conservatives who aren’t complete a–holes?”

    The problem is, of course, that the Cons want to keep people who might not vote for a Con from being able to vote. Especially if those people don’t have lily-white skins. But if you tell them that it will cost them, personally, lots of money to implement these laws — that gets their attentions.

    The dead-ender Cons will still back it because half a century of the Southern Strategy has turned them into hardcore bigots who will gladly shell out more money to ensure nonwhites have higher hurdles to overcome than do whites when it comes to voting, but those who actually care about fiscal responsibility all of the time (and not just when it’s used to mean cutting rich white guys’ taxes or slashing programs that help poor and nonwhite guys) will be aghast that their localities won’t be able to do road maintenance because the money meant for that will go into heeding the unfunded mandates required by these ALEC laws. And we’re not talking one-time costs, either, but recurring costs, as Max Hailperin points out.

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