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Hey, Apple! It’d Be Harder For Chinese Factories To Do Instant Apple Knock-Offs If Your Stuff Was Made In The US.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 13, 2012

Apple’s iPhone 5 wasn’t even out yet before a Chinese factory had a copy on the open market:

Want to get an iPhone 5 but can’t handle the wait for the Apple (AAPL) release later this month? You might consider buying a knockoff from Goophone. This little-known Chinese company has just announced the launch of its own iPhone 5 look-alike, the Goophone I5, and says it has already patented it in China, according to It may even consider suing Apple when the Cupertino (Calif.) company starts selling its sixth-generation iPhone in China, reports the tech and gadgets website.

Goophone’s Apple clone (viewable on its website) is believed to be a close copy of the iPhone 5. Like Apple’s upcoming smartphone, it reportedly has a larger 4-inch screen. It also has a smaller dock connector. Apart from a small honeybee logo on the back (and, at $300, a likely cheaper price—Apple hasn’t announced what it will charge for its next phone in China), it looks remarkably like the much-anticipated next-generation iPhone. But it runs on Google’s (GOOG) Android system and is believed to have much more limited functions internally.

You know, Apple, you wouldn’t have this problem if you actually made stuff in the United States of America. It wouldn’t hurt your profit margins much at all, in fact.

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