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Government? We don’t need no stinking government? (Solar edition)

Posted by Charles II on September 17, 2012

Via Ritholtz, an article by Dean Kuipers, LAT:

One of the holy grails of solar cell technology may have been found, with researchers at UCLA announcing they have created a new organic polymer that produces electricity, is nearly transparent and is more durable and malleable than silicon.

The applications are mind-boggling. Windows that produce electricity. Buildings wrapped in transparent solar cells. Laptops and phones – or even cars or planes – whose outer coverings act as chargers. It might even be sprayed on as a liquid. The promise of cheap and easy-to-apply site-generated solar electricity might now be a lot closer to reality.

4 Responses to “Government? We don’t need no stinking government? (Solar edition)”

  1. Phoenix Woman said

    All hail nanotechnology!

    This is a game-changer, folks. Suddenly, we won’t need to go ripping up the Earth’s crust for toxic rare earths. (Or depending on China’s largesse in this department.) Just silver and titanium dioxide, made far beyond gossamer-thin thanks to nanoscience, as part of a polymer. And cheap enough to, say, coat the exposed surfaces of wind turbine blades and pillars. (That way, wind farms can be solar panels, too.)

    Wonder what the Solar Roadways folks might think of this?

    Between this and the wheels falling off Romney’s campaign, I’m a very happy person right now.

    • Charles II said

      Watch out about the wheels falling off of Romney. As Ed suggested, Rove may well just transfer his money to the Senate/House races.

      But sheer panic across the GOP would be fun, and well-deserved.

      • Nah — Rove would have to gear up with new ads for that. He can increase the ads he’s already running, but that’s about it.

        But I don’t think Adelson et al have given up on Romney. Adelson wants a Likudnik in the White House, badly.

  2. MarkH said

    Amazing. And to think we might’ve had this years ago if it hadn’t been for the oil people in the White House who prevented progress.

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