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Eastwood was just filling in for Mr. Serious

Posted by Charles II on September 18, 2012

No, not actually, but it was humor on about that level. The Guardian:

Republicans, who heard criticism about actor-director Clint Eastwood’s lecture to an empty chair at their recent convention, produced an “Apprentice”-style Donald Trump video that they never showed to delegates.

In the video, Trump talks back to televised clips of Obama, including one where the president said the “private sector is doing fine.” The millionaire real estate magnate talks to back to the tape, exclaiming, “You’re fired!”

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Murdoch empire committed burglary

Posted by Charles II on September 18, 2012

I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Via Atrios, Watergate-on-the-Thames continues to unfold. Martin Hickman, London Independent:

Detectives have evidence which suggests that a notorious private detective agency carried out a burglary while working for the News of the World.

In the latest twist to the phone-hacking scandal, a police intelligence report indicates that Southern Investigations, based in south London, targeted the home of a newsworthy individual in an attempt to dig up salacious information.

a former undercover policeman who infiltrated Southern Investigations said that it burgled MPs’ homes in an attempt to obtain embarrassing information for the newspaper.

The accused, of course, deny everything.

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Romney’s And Limbaugh’s “47% Moochers”: Mostly In Southern Republican States

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 18, 2012

From the Atlantic via David Dayen, we are reminded that the vast majority of Americans who don’t have to pay income tax are located in Republican strongholds like the poverty-gripped South and Idaho.

Just look at the lovely chart above, from the Tax Foundation via Watertiger.

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