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Which Candidate Would Be Better for America’s Prestige?

Posted by MEC on September 21, 2012

Would our country be more respected with Barack Obama or Mitt Romney in the White House?

I think the answer to that is “not the candidate whose party is bluntly criticized by members of other governments”.

The Australian treasurer, Wayne Swan, in an unusually blunt criticism of US politics weeks before the presidential election, said “cranks and crazies” had taken over the Republicans and posed the biggest threat to the world’s largest economy.

Swan, one of few world leaders able to boast his country had avoided recession during the global financial crisis, also labelled the Tea Party wing of the Republicans as “extreme”.

(Emphasis mine.)

I wish more people in the U.S. could see what the people outside our borders can see so clearly. The Republicans are just plain too crazy to be trusted with government.

6 Responses to “Which Candidate Would Be Better for America’s Prestige?”

  1. Stormcrow said

    I suspect that’s the least of it.

    The rest of the world is enjoying a rare treat: watching as an American Presidential candidate commits a very public political suicide.

    • Charles II said

      A shame the entire Republican Party isn’t Japanese.

    • MEC said

      an American Presidential candidate commits a very public political suicide.

      I hope this very public political suicide is enough to counteract the vote suppression.

      • Stormcrow said

        I suspect it is.

        His numbers, never very healthy, are on a toboggan ride to hell. Worse every day.

        Projected EVs flirting with 200, and success probability starting with a string of three zeroes, right of the decimal place.

      • MEC said

        What’s more significant, Stormcrow, is that the media reports are reading more and more like the press corpse has decided Romney can’t win. That slant will definitely have an effect on anybody who isn’t completely determined to vote for Romney.

      • The press corpse — or at least the corporations that pull its strings — has decided to do what it almost never does, and say when a Republican is full of baloney. Shocking.

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