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This may be the first victory in the war on terror/Updated

Posted by Charles II on September 22, 2012

Conal Urquhart, The Guardian:

Militias blamed for the killing of US ambassador Chris Stevens have been forced out of Libya’s second city, Benghazi, by popular protests.

At least 11 people were killed and 60 wounded as militiamen tried to defend their compounds against thousands of demonstrators protesting against extremism.

Saturday morning’s rout followed a day of demonstrations on Friday against the militias, in particular Ansar al-Sharia, which has been blamed for the murder of the US ambassador and three of his colleagues.

The apparent defeat of Ansar al-Sharia across Benghazi and the huge outpouring of public support for the government marks an extraordinary transformation in a country where the authorities had seemed largely powerless to curb the influence of militia groups armed with heavy weapons.

The US is not occupying Libya. The American ambassador was well-liked because he was seen as an honest broker in trying to get support for the Libyan people in getting rid of Gaddafi. The Islamist militias have been holding prisoners and otherwise oppressing the people of Benghazi.

This is a win in the real war, the war to establish justice for all. As the saying goes, no justice, no peace.

Update, Chris Stephen, The Guardian:

Ansar al-Sharia militia, blamed by many for the killing of ambassador Chris Stevens and three of his diplomats had last week deployed anti-aircraft guns around their Benghazi compound, fearing attack from drones and US warships. But the attack, when it came, was from a very different direction. Civilian. Unarmed. And with nothing more than the desperation of a population staring anarchy in the face.

For the people of Benghazi, the killing of Stevens was the final outrage in a campaign of extremist violence that had seen other consulates firebombed, the convoy of Britain’s ambassador rocketed, commonwealth war graves vandalised and 14 officials assassinated. As foreign missions fled and businessmen cleared out, Benghazi found itself cast as Libya’s Dodge City. And in the absence of a sheriff to impose order, its people staged their own spontaneous cleansing.

So I guess the peaceful expulsion of Ansar al-Sharia and its voluntary disbandment (and the incorporation of four other militias into the military) is a huge conspiracy that only As’ad AbuKhalil can detect.

And, yes, I read his comment before concluding that his hunch was simply wrong.

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