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Hint: when they’re laughing at you, you’re probably not convincing them

Posted by Charles II on September 28, 2012

So, here’s the original:

(Image from Jethro Mullen, CNN)

Here’s how they see you:

(Images from Umberto Bacchi, IBT)

(Image from DeSwiss)

8 Responses to “Hint: when they’re laughing at you, you’re probably not convincing them”

  1. Stormcrow said

    Nice photoshop work. :)

    I think Obama told him to go piss up a rope.

    Obama, widely seen as having snubbed Netanyahu by not meeting face to face with him during his U.S. visit, spoke instead by phone to the Israeli prime minister amid signs of movement toward a truce in their war of words over how to confront Tehran.

    By phone??

    I don’t think Bibi is going to go home very happy.

    No matter what Obama may have actually said during that phone call.

    • Charles II said

      Well, at least they weren’t exchanging tweets.

      Obama made it very clear before Netanyahu arrived that he was going to be busy on the day that Bibi was talking to the UN. Netanyahu could have said he would stay over to meet Obama at his leisure, and I’m sure Obama would have made the time. What Bibi apparently wanted was not a meeting but an opportunity to pretend to have been snubbed.

      Not that he wasn’t snubbed. No sane politician would want to meet with someone who has been talking as loony as Netanyahu has lately. Nor is there any particular value to Netanyahu for actually meeting with Obama. Read the Israeli press lately? The Likud wing sounds like FOX News Republicans.

  2. MEC said

    The first LOLBibi made me laugh so hard I scared the cat.

    And then I realized how much this is like Colin Powell’s speech justifying the invasion of Iraq, except that Powell’s visual aids were more sophisticated. “Fool me twice … won’t get fooled again.”

    • Charles II said

      “History rarely repeats, but it often rhymes.”

      Mockery is the best response to stupidity. I keep trying to persuade earnest liberals that, in the face of the right-wing madness, they should talk less and laugh more.

  3. Here are a few more:

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