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Getting your just deserts

Posted by Charles II on September 30, 2012

Found on Huffington Post, this graph explains why work feels like a treadmill: it is.

We’re doing things more and more efficiently (meaning there’s less demand for labor), and all the credit for that since 1978 has gone to capital. Well, sure, capital is part of productivity, building plant and buying equipment. But people have increased their education and contributed on their own to working smarter. And I’m not just talking about Sam Walton and his (admittedly brilliant if sociopathic) improvement of the supply chain. Every dime of labor’s contribution to productivity has been sucked up by financialization. Life not only isn’t likely to get better. It hasn’t been getting better for over a generation.

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Chris Kluwe For Anything, 2016

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 30, 2012

If not sooner.

The man is simply awesome, as shown again here and here.

Chris, your country needs you.

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