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Fire David Gregory

Posted by Charles II on October 3, 2012

Because he’s pretending to be a journalist, while being a suckup.

I am watching the Warren-Brown debate, moderated by David Gregory.

Sign here.

(This is not an endorsement of Change.Org. If you know of another way to protest David Gregory, I’m open)

4 Responses to “Fire David Gregory”

  1. Dickeylee said

    Gregory couldn’t carry Russerts jock…hell, not even Lukes! David really really likes the good life inside the beltway, rubbing body parts with the movers and shakers. Elbows, I meant elbows.

  2. Dickeylee said

    Phoenix, Charles,
    Here’s an interesting post over at Marl Thoma’s blog that you will find interesting. You could add alot to the disscussion there on this.
    For all;

    ‘Why the US Demonizes Venezuala’s Democracy’ (57)

    Some of the commenters sound an awful lot like you Phoenix…

    [Charles: I added the link]

    • Charles II said

      Not sure I could add much to the discussion, Dickeylee. The basic story of Venezuela is that Chavez is so awful except for the alternatives. VZ has a long history of corruption and authoritarianism. At least under Chavez, the poor are eating and getting some schooling. The elections have been certified as free and fair by outside observers, a standard that the US could not meet.

      I fault Chavez for not training a generation of leadership to succeed him, but since one requirement for leftist presidents in VZ seems to be that they have to be generals (to keep the military from overthrowing the government), that’s a high bar.

  3. Dickeylee said

    OK, try here…

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