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How Does GOP Plan To Counter Their Austerity Plan’s Unpopularity? By Blaming Romney And Keeping Voters From Voting

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 4, 2012

Republicans seeking to make Romney the scapegoat for their current problems in trying to win the Senate or even hold the House are just blowing smoke, per Charlie Cook: “For the most part, the deterioration of the Senate outlook is unrelated to Romney’s problems at the top of the ticket, and it comes despite a strong effort by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.”

The argument can definitely be made, to judge from the boos that Romney’s running mate Payl Ryan received from the crowd at the AARP forum, that the problems the GOP has been having lately cannot be blamed entirely on Romney, but are connected far more strongly to the Republican platform — and Ryan and his budget are the purest expressions of the Republican platform, far more so than Romney’s evasive Etch-a-Sketch non-stances.

This would seem to be borne out by the fact that Paul Ryan himself is having troubles with his own congressional campaign something that was considered a lock for him up until recently. Hmmmm.

It’s no wonder, then, that Republicans — faced with the growing unpopularity of their platform among most voting blocs — are seeking ways to keep from voting lots of people they figure won’t vote for Republicans: Veterans, shut-ins, college students, nursing home residents, or anyone whose skin is naturally darker than Rush Limbaugh’s.

In Minnesota, this has taken the ultimate form of an attempt to amend the state constitution, with the voter restrictors claiming that the proposed amendment would stop fraud, be free, be guaranteed, and without hassles. Instead, as shown here, it would not be free or even cheap (Kittson and Rice Counties, to name just two, show that), it would not be guaranteed, and it would create serious due process concerns as well as new layers of very expensive bureaucratic procedures. That’s being noticed by more and more persons.

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