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Allen Quist Is A Nimrod: Marriage Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 7, 2012

Over at Bluestem Prairie, Sally Jo Sorensen documents the stupidity and mendaciousness of Mr. Julie Quist:

As readers may recall, Winona Daily News staff writer Mary Juhl first reported a curious wrinkle at Quist’s final stop in his Walz-apology press tour in Quist: Government doesn’t belong in gay marriage debate. Next New Ulm Journal reporter Josh Moniz tried to follow up on that, and Quist ended the phone conversation abruptly, as Moniz reported in Quist unwilling to clarify statements on marriage amendment.

City Pages’ Aaron Rupar picked it up in Allen Quist directly contradicts himself on gay marriage, is called on it, refuses to clarify and the Minnesota Progressive Project’s EricPusey rounded out the week with Allen Quist, the stickler for accuracy, won’t clarify his statement on marriage equality.

Is gets worse:

Bluestem found video of the episode in the DFL tracker’s raw footage of the Winona press conference. Since the marriage amendment is a hot question in Minnesota, what Quist said in his next breath didn’t attract attention:

There are a lot of reasons for the high divorce rate. One of the reasons is that people in poverty game the system and they realize that if they’re not married they’re going to qualify for benefits much better than if they get married. That’s not the only reason for not–for the high divorce rate, but i want you to know it’s an important one.

Go check out the whole thing.

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