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Did You Know That Walmart Workers Went On Strike?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 8, 2012

Did you know that Walmart workers in Southern California went on strike this week?
Not if you depend on network TV news, as do most folks to this day in America, to tell you what you need to know.

Here is what you get if you do a search for “walmart strike” in DuckDuckGo:

Note that the references are all from places like Huffington Post, Salon, Common Dreams, and In These Times. With the possible exception of HuffPo, these are all places that most of your neighbors and co-workers likely have never heard of, as opposed to CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, or NPR. About six cites down there is an ABC link, but it’s to a business blog, not to a story intended for ABC’s front page, much less for its evening TV news. And that’s it for the sort of mass media most Americans are likely to encounter on a daily basis.

Dear persons from outside of America: If you wonder why Americans know so very little about their own country and even less about countries that aren’t the US of A, do consider what a horrible news media we have.

4 Responses to “Did You Know That Walmart Workers Went On Strike?”

  1. Wege said

    But gosh, it’s hard to report bad things about a company that gives you ad revenue! And isn’t money what it’s all about?

  2. Charles II said

    I have to say, if people want the information, it’s there. DemocracyNow is available in much of the US by radio or TV, and everywhere by Internet. People are choosing to watch FOX/CNN or the slightly less toxic ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS.

    Americans are afraid of hearing that corporations and the military are out of control. They want to believe that everything is OK. I suppose that in many ways the Red Scare is still with us, in the form of an unwillingness to tell hard truths.

    BTW, one of the great services that DemocracyNow performed was airing Jill Stein (Green Party) and Rocky Anderson (American Justice Party) give their responses to the debate questions. Neither one sounded markedly better than the major party candidates. They got wrapped up in policy details rather than sketching the moral case for why things must change. There’s a failure of leadership, and it’s not just among the corporate machine running things.

    • Phoenix Woman said

      I think they’re too tired from either working two jobs or looking for work to be able to do more than turn on the evening news or listen to the news on the radio during drive times. Which is why they won’t know.

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